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    Question Thinking hard about CASPER

    What do you think of the name Casper? I would love to hear people's general thoughts as well as the answers to a few specific questions:

    Does Casper strike you as the name of someone kind or unkind? handsome or unattractive? Refined or unsophisticated?

    If the only information you had about a couple was that they had named there baby Casper, what would you imagine about that couple?

    What socioeconomic background, geographic location and racial/genetic background would you imagine a Casper coming from?

    What names do you think are most similar to Casper in image/feel and why?

    If you were naming Casper's brother and sister what names would you choose?

    Do you think Casper is getting too trendy?

    Do you think Casper=friendly ghost and if so does it kill the name for you?

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    1. Casper would be a kind and attractive guy in my mind.
    2. I'd be thinking, ohh they'll be interesting, outside the box, excited to meet them.
    3. Casper I'd imagine to be European, i know only one Casper and he come from Dutch origin an his parents are very artsy and he gew up very happy, they raised him well and now he's just graduated from University with a 1st class honours degree in Economics.
    4. Possibly: Cassius, nn Cash; Lucas, also a very friendly sounding name or Lukas a variation that has a german/dutch feel.
    5. I'd name Casper's brother: Miles. And I'd name Casper's sister: Thea (the nn of either Theodora, Anthea)
    6. I don't think it's getting too trendy at all, what i do think would happen is when other parents in the playground hear Casper they'll think "ohh, i love that name"
    7. No i don't immediately think 'Friendly Ghost' reference, he might get it mentioned to him every now again, but so would Simon with "simple Simon" and that would be a lot worse.

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    -I think of Casper as handsome, sophisticated, and perhaps European. I definitely think the name has kind connotations (he is a friendly ghost, after all!).

    -I would probably think the couple is upper class Northern/Western European (Dutch, Danish, Swedish, etc).

    -I think Casper and Jasper are obvious name twins (in etymology, feel, and coolness factor). Aspen has a similar sound to it as well. The -er ending affiliates it a bit with occupation names while avoiding the trendiness of those.

    -I would choose Beatrice and Leo. They are all classy, familiar names that transition well between languages/cultures.

    -Since Casper hasn't even broken the top 1000, I definitely don't think it's too trendy.

    -I think the ghost is going to be the first association for many adults, but I don't think that's too bad. Many people will not have that association, and to me, even if they do, it's a rather positive character (again, he's friendly!).
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    My softball friends used to call me Casper at the beginning of the season because my skin was so pale.

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    1. The name Casper makes me think of a kind, thoughtful, maybe even adventurous, handsome guy.

    2. If I met a couple who named their baby Casper, dammit, I'd shake their hand.

    3. I don't know.

    4. Mylo, Finn, Wesley, Linus, Thomas, Asa, Noah... because they're all names that I think would fit kind, adventurous, thoughtful boys.

    5. If Casper had a brother, I think Wesley, Noah, or Linus would sound darling. A sister? Maybe Willow, Winnie, Leona, or Zoe.

    6. I think it can catch on eventually, but right now its pretty uncommon, but not unheard of.

    7. The friendly ghost thing doesn't bother me at all, and I think it can distance itself from it, in time. If he ever gets crap for it, he could always say "Whats wrong with being a friendly ghost?" because really, what's so bad about that association? Besides, the background on the character is actually pretty interesting.
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