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    Changing ob/gyn?

    Hey all,

    I just found out that I'm pregnant!!! We are so excited! The thing is, I really don't like my ob/gyn OR the hospital that they have privileges at. But, when I ask friends for recommendations they are all over the board on which hospital, which practice, etc. I would like to try to get in with a smaller practice at the smaller hospital nearest my home, but I can't find any opinions of them. What would you do? Did you change ob practices at the beginning of/during your pregnancy?


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    Congratulations! If you don't like your current OB, now would be the time to change. I would set up a consultation with the practices you are considering. I would also set up a tour of the hospital you want to deliver at and ask the OB nurses for a recommendation for a new OB. I'm not sure what type of birth experience you envision, but my last 2 babies were born at home with a wonderful midwife. My first was born in a hospital. Good luck!

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    I'm 8 weeks and just changed OBs due to insurance issues. Not a big deal this early in pregnancy at all. Just make some phone calls and go from there. You'll want to do it ASAP though, I'm guessing it's a much bigger hassle to change after you've had a few prenatal visits. Congratulations!!

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    I switched from my OB to a midwife at seven months and im so glad I did. I realized after my long labor and natural birth that if I hadn't switched I would have had a c-section. If you don't like you OB and the hospital you have to go to, imagine going through one of the hardest things you will ever experience (and one of the most wonderful events of your life) with this person you don't trust and a hospital that is not what you want.
    1) figure out what kind of care and birth you do want.
    2) find someone that will be there to help you achieve it
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