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    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your replies, as frustrating as this is I am kind of glad to know that I'm not the only one having difficultly with this.

    @ dotmyiis, lainy and bluedahlia, I too would like a more definite answers. Hopefully we will get some soon as they work out all the kinks of the new boards, because I really miss searching the boards for names, etc.

    @Malk, Thank you for your response, it made perfect sense. I gave it a try and the only post that came up for me was this one, so I can only assume that my older posts are gone.

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    jcjoy (and everyone else), your older posts are not gone.

    While we wait for the Nameberry crew to correct glitches in features such as the Advanced Search feature, here is what you can do in the meantime to find your old posts:

    Go to Google. In the Google search box, type your screen name, followed by:

    For example: I typed this in the Google search box: jcjoy

    And here is a link to the page that contains the links to your posts, jcjoy:

    You can use this trick with any other keyword that you might want to search at Nameberry. Just type your keyword in the Google search box, followed by


    -- Nephele
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    Thank you!!!

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