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    You are 87 years old and you name is; Elizabeth Joy Hogan
    Your husband is 88 years old and his name is; Kenneth Alvin Hogan

    Daughter 1: Joanne Elizabeth Summers, age 64
    DH: Douglas Henry Summers, age 64

    DS: Todd Douglas Summers, age 46
    ~DW: Veronica Rose Summers, 44
    ~DS: Cameron Zachary Summers, age 19
    ~DD: Kelsey Hannah Summers, age 17
    ~DS: Dylan Hunter Summers, age 14

    DS: Chad Raymond Summers, age 41
    ~DW: Holly Virginia Summers, age 41
    ~DD: Kaitlyn Anna Summers, age 18

    DS: Eric Matthew Summers, age 39
    ~DW: Stacey Kathleen Summers, age 38
    ~DTD: Miranda Joy Summers, age 17
    ~DTD: Whitney Hope Summers, age 17

    DS: Troy William Summers, age 36
    ~DW: Jill Rhonda Summers, 33
    ~DS: Logan Anthony Summers, age 11
    ~DD: Madison Rebecca Summers, age 9
    ~DTS: Owen Nicholas Summers, age 7
    ~DTS: Ryan Michael Summers, age 7
    ~DD: Lauren Emily Summers, age 2

    Daughter 2: Karen Margaret Floyd, age 61
    DH: Daniel Christopher Floyd, 63

    DD: Tiffany Jacqueline Alexander, age 40
    ~DH: Andrew Fredrick Alexander, 41
    ~DS: Clay Darren Alexander, age 16
    ~DS: Caleb Justin Alexander, age 12
    ~DS: Cory Evan Alexander, age 7

    DS: Shawn Edward Floyd, age 35
    ~DW: Cheryl Robin Floyd, age 33
    ~DD: Lily Abigail Floyd, age 8
    ~DD: Emma Sarah Floyd, age 3

    Daughter 3: Linda Catherine McGuire, age 60
    DH: Darnell Craig McGuire, age 61

    DD: Kimberly Christina Carter, age 36
    ~DH: Jesse Kyle Hanson, age 38
    ~DS: Trevor Jacob Hanson, age 12
    ~DS: Jeremy Lucas Hanson, age 9
    ~DS: Gavin Ethan Hanson, age 4

    DD: Amanda Jessica Carter, age 35
    ~DH: Travis Brendan Carter, age 36
    ~DS: Dawson McGuire Carter, age 5

    Son 1: Roger Kenneth Hogan, age 58
    DW: Suzanne Gloria Hogan, age 55

    DS: Jason Kenneth Hogan, age 31
    ~DW: Allison Victoria Hogan, 30
    ~DS: Luke Kenneth Hogan, 6 months

    DD: Ashley Elizabeth Youngman, age 29
    ~DH: Joshua Derek Youngman, age 31
    ~DTD: Olivia Eliza Youngman, 18 months
    ~DTD: Sophia Beth Youngman, 18 months

    Daughter 4: Donna Carolyn Ballard, age 55
    DH: Benjamin Jeffery Ballard, age 55

    DD: Heidi Danielle St. James, age 30
    ~DH: Alexander Paul St. James, age 31

    DS: Kevin Jeremy Ballard, age 27
    ~DF: Lauren Caroline Carr, age 26
    ~DD: Jocelyn Caroline Ballard-Carr, 3 months

    DD: Wendy Chelsea Ballard, age 26
    ~DGF: Heather Nicole Fuller, 29

    DS: Adam Tyler Ballard, age 25
    ~DGF: Meghan Lisa Cross, age 23
    ~DS: Tyson Scott Ballard, 12 months
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