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    Vancouver, Canada

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    My name is Tiyana Novalie Trese Quesada.
    My husband is Estevan Cruize Quesada.

    DD: Tesla Oceana Natalia
    DD/DD: Nadia Ceraphina Inez & Ninah Celestia Izola
    DS: Blaize Emanuell Tru
    DS/DS: Lyzander Maximillion & Zaccheus Sebastion
    DD: Xena Novalie Bellah
    DD: Zhanna Anastasia Calliope
    DS: Zeus Matteo

    We have pet fishes name Neo, Peri, & Vander.
    Also, we have a pet dog named CC!
    My favs: GIRLS:Nadia, Oceana, Ceraphina, Hania, Sasha, Natalia, Gavrielle, Inez, Azaleigha, Arabella

    BOYS: Blaize, Caspian, Silas, Lysander/Lyzander, Marcos, Emileo, Tru, Zaccheus, Tobias, Syre, Josiah, Sebastion

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    West Midlands, UK
    I am 40 years old and my name is Maya Margaret Mason {nee Beckett}.
    My husband is 38 years old and he is called Robert George Mason.

    Our first child was born to us shortly after we got married when I was 23 and Robbie 21. We were delighted to welcome a son into the world, we named him Tobias Henry - his middle name honouring my grandfather. As a child Tobias was a tearaway who constantly kept me on my toes and terrorised his siblings, especially his closest brother Sebastian. However we channelled Tobias's boisterous energy into sports and team games and by the time he reached teenage-hood he was a lot easier to handle. Now my first baby is 17 years old and doing a sports BTEC in college.

    Sebastian Keith came quickly after Tobias, when our first was just 16 months old. It was soon evident that the brothers were nothing like each other. Seb was easily overpowered by loud Tobias but he generally preferred to play on his own or do a puzzle in the quiet room anyway. As he travelled through school teachers would praise him no end on his academic skills and we knew we had a very clever little boy on our hands. Now Seb is 16 years old and although a rocky start was had, he is close with his big brother, who has helped Seb endlessly to overcome his social shyness.

    With two boys close in age, we left it three years before trying for a third baby, Seb was almost four when our first daughter was born. We named her Rose Nicola and she grew into a beautiful - albeit mischievous - young girl. Rose was into everything but we usually found her trying to beat up Tobias after he'd wound her up. Unlike most children Rose found normal children's stories boring and so from a young age we nurtured her imagination and encouraged her to make up her own. Now aged 13 Rose is co-editor for her school newspaper and has high aspirations to become a journalist.

    When I was thirty years old I broached the subject of adoption with my husband. Adopting was something that I'd wanted to do since my teenage years, luckily my husband agreed that it would be lovely to give our home to a child in need. We went straight to an adoption agency, the process of us getting first accepted as willing adopters took six long months, but it was only seven weeks after that until we were matched very carefully with identical twin boys who were four months old. They had been taken into care as newborns but because of health difficulties had only been fostered until recently, because of the age that the twins were taken, the state had named them James and Jacob without middle names. Robbie and I decide to change the boys names but keep them similar, and give them middle names to honour their fresh start.

    Jeremy Beckett and Jacoby Andrew joined our family when they were five months old. The boys were very close and similar in both looks and personality until the age of around seven, when their individual preferences started to shine through. Jem and Jac are now nine years old, they both remain quiet children with only the occasional issue - usually when they have been provoked by Tobias - but they are starting to come out of their shell. Jem is into reading and wildlife, spending forever looking at minibeasts under the magnifying glass, while Jac is dipping his toe into all sorts of sports to find which he has the passion for.

    The twins were just over two years old when I gave birth to my fourth biological child and second daughter. We named her Lillian Mary and she was born weighing little over 5lb, at just 34 weeks. Our baby girl was a fighting and after three weeks in SCBU, she was released to come and meet the family properly. Her tiny size hasn't hindered her at all, and although she is still smaller than her classmates, Lilly enjoys getting involved with her friends and is a very sociable little girl. At seven years old Lilly isn't sure what she enjoys best but she has shown an interest in gymnastics.

    Our final child has been adopted relatively recently. Four year old Phoenix Herbert was adopted by our family shortly before his second birthday, he was rescued from a family who were neglecting him and his older two brothers, and physically abusing the oldest child. We keep in contact with the family who adopted his brothers, Carson (7) and Jensen (6), and encourage Phoenix to be open about his adoption and past. He is a bright, bubbly little boy who likes cuddles and is doted on by all of the family - especially Tobias - he has started school recently and seems to be getting along alright, his favourite subjects being practical drama sessions and P.E.

    ~The Mason Family =
    May (40) and Robbie (38) with: Tobias (17), Seb (16), Rose (13), Jem (9), Jac (9), Lilly (7) and Phoenix (4).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    My name - Amy Colette Butler {nee Wells (I'm 38 Years Old)
    DH name - Jared Isaac Butler (He is 45 Years Old)

    Our first baby is a boy. His name is Everett Grey Butler. He is now 12 Years Old. (Rhett)

    Our Second baby is also a boy. His name is Jameson North Butler. He is now 9 Years Old. (Jamie or Mason)

    Our third child is a boy. His name is Archer Wells Butler. He is now 6 Years Old. (Archie/Arch)

    Our fourth child is a girl. Her name is Rosalie Seren Butler. She is now 3 Years Old. (Rosie)

    Our fifth and final child is a girl. Her name is Molly Wren Butler. NB

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    You are 48 years old and you name is; Brittany Annette Burr
    Your husband is 51 years old and his name is; Michael Wilson Burr

    Number of children: 5

    1. Boy: Logan Daniel James Burr
    Age: 24

    2. Boy: Landon Michael Carson Burr
    Age: 22

    3. Girl: Mackenzie Aleah Michelle Burr
    Age: 20

    4. Girl: Kennedy Sutton Elizabeth Burr
    Age: 14

    5. Girl: Rachel Emmalyne Annette Burr
    Age: 12

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