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    Quote Originally Posted by mama and sweetpea View Post
    I recently met a little girl named Dausyn Elyvya (Olivia)
    And my cousin is planning on naming her daugher Ayngel Caprhys.
    Oh dear lord no...

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    Montserrat is a really common name in Spain. They usually go by Montse (Mon-Say). I´ve never heard anyone with that name go by their full name, but that´s the norm here (big, long, formal name.. Maria de la Candelaria: little nickname: Yayi)

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    I met a Cydnie pronounced Sydney this morning..I was like Why?
    Favorite boys names:
    Timothy, Joshua, Joseph, Henry, Walter, Nathaniel
    Fav Girls names
    Juliet Eleanor, Abigail Jewel, Julia Katherine, Dorothy Mae
    Guilty pleasure: Wren, Emerald, Simon, Opal, Sky, Levi, Giada

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    Unhappy old-fashioned name

    I went to the university with a classmate named Ericila nn Ercy. She was named after a grandmother or great-grandmother. She had to explain everybody how she got her name and how to pronounce it. Everybody called her by her nn. She got an Engineering degree, in case you may want to know. She is by her 30’s now. She is the only person I have ever heard with that name. I remember when I ask my mother about this name, she recalled some old people with this name, she also said it was an old-fashioned name. She told me that was the reason I never heard it before.

    yes, some people at the university struggled a lot with this pronounciation, even with her nn.

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    Out of all of my friends who have recently had babies, two have named their boys with more 'out there' names - one is Griffin, the other Phoenix. Another friend called her daughter Fionnuala (finn-ula), but she is from an Irish family where everyone has a very Irish name.

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