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    I'm more amused by the names that people find unusual, as opposed to the ones that I think actually are. I'm especially surprised by Ezra. It's the example I use of a name that I've heard EVERYONE using lately. Same with Solomon. I know two, so I guess I don't think it's that out there.

    The most unusual I've heard recently was a sibset named Utah, Montana and Nevada.

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    I can only think of 2 but wouldn't say they were that out there

    Mason and Emerson
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    Sir. When I was a substitute teacher, there was this kid named Sir, who misbehaved alot. It felt strange when I told him, "Sit down, Sir. Be quiet Sir." As if Sir, deserved any respect.

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    My friend's daughter had a son named Elioth. I also recently met a girl named Winter. Nothing too far out there. That will prob be from me for the bun-haha.
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    A friend named her daughter Ellcy Onna. Never heard of it anywhere. It's pretty, just really really out there to me.

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