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    Theon or Theonius?

    Theon , sounds like Leon.
    Theonius , sounds like Thelonius).
    he has an 8 yr old brother, Kai.
    we would call him Theo for short, if its Theonius.
    i would appreciate any feedback good or bad.
    thank you!
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    Theo + nius would be [thee-oh-NEE-uss] to me, but I'd imagine Theonius is more like [thee-OH-nee-uss]? Either way, I think Theon is best; I feel like Theonius overshadows Kai too much and it's a big name to bare! Both are nice though :
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    I have to agree with Genevie - Theon is better with Kai. Theonius just looks like a misspelling of Thelonius to me. I think it would have a lot of pronunciation issues too! Good luck, Mischa.

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    thank you Mischa & Genevie for this great feedback! you have both confirmed every concern i was having about Theonius or even Thelonius, i guess i wanted to see if Theon was a good pair with the ethereal Kai. Kai has been such a hard one to pair with, esp. since the 'new' one is now over 2 yrs old and i know his personality....Theo has been his stand in name since we decided his birth name was a miss after trying it for a year. (that could be a whole other thread called 'naming disasters"). so now its time to make the birth certificate official and we all feel like Theo is too soft for him and may not pair with Kai well so we want to give him an option on paper thats based on what he knows but fits him better.
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    First of all, Theo is a great name unto itself and I think fits just fine with Kai. Calling him Theo officially would be my vote!

    I like Theon a lot.

    You could of course use Theodore, which is one of my all time favorites, but too classic for my husband's taste.

    Don't like Theonius. I also see and think Thelonius (as in Monk) which isn't a bad connection but not what you are going for probably.

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