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    Perhaps as a middle name, but as a first I'd think people would constantly mistake Ellery for Celery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nextotonormal14 View Post
    It is a boys name. All boy. It's my brothers' name. It isn't a girls name. Boys name.

    PLEASE stop treating Ellery as a girls name. It is a boys name.

    No, please stop treating it as a unisex name that can work for boys. It's a boys name. Just cause it ends in "y" doesn't make it unisex.
    It's not a unisex name though. It's like using Veronica on a guy and then calling it unisex. It shouldn't have been used on girls in the first place, because its a boys name.
    Really? Four comments about this on one thread? I understand it's your brother's name and you seem to have strong feelings about it but no one is THE authority on names. My brother is named Michael. I've met girls named Michael and I think it's strange but I can't control what they name their children. It's nice that you offer your opinion that Ellery should only be used on boys but geez, once is enough

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    Im sorry but who made you queen of the naming kingdom? Ellery is lovely for a girl or boy. Get over it.

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    I have a really hard time imagining it on a boy, even though I know it can be.

    When I was about three my aunt had a baby and named her Emily. I had awful hearing, so I was calling her Ellory for the longest time. I really like it, specially since it has a special meaning to you. Maybe spelling it Ellory would help with the celery association. I know it's not the exact same as your street going up, but it's just a slight variation that I think works.

    I don't think that 90% of people you'd meet on the street would even know it was unisex.

    ETA: Wow, I didn't notice this was such an old post.
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