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    I think it's lovely. As far as it being unisex, is it really? How many people nowadays are naming their sons Ellery? Few if any, its along the lines of Sydney having pretty much jumped the line over to the girls side. And since it is a little different why would you want to call her Ellie rather than her more distinctive formal name.

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    I really liked the name, Ellery, and even had it on my list...until my six year old told me it sounded too much like celery. Still I say go for it, especially since it has a personal connection for you!

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    Ellery is on my list for a boy, but I like it for a girl too. I've found it's one of those names that the people in my life just don't like, though, so we probably won't use it.

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    My daughters name is Ellery and we still get compliments on it!!! It's such a great name!! We call her Ellie or Elle. (Or you can spell it Ellary and nickname her Ella, or Ellori and nickname her Lori.) I've actually heard of some people naming boys Ellery but, in my opinion I just don't see how that could work.

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    I think Ellery is a lovely name! I don't think it matters one bit that it sounds like celery or that it's unisex. I personally like it for a girl best, but I can see it working on a boy too. I love the connection to your past home! I say go for it!

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