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Thread: Temperance

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    Well maybe that's fate that her name should be Temperance Olivia then

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    I love the name Temprerence too! The name I paired with it was Delilah. Temperence Delilah. Some people say it's contradictory (I guess it is) but I've always liked it.
    Good luck!

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    You could always go with Dalila instead of Delilah. Dalila is Swahili and means delicate/gentle. Temperance Delilah is super cute!
    I really do like Temperance Olivia. Thanks again for all your help!

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    I think Temperance Olivia has a nice rhythm, but I also really like all the one syllable ones - some suggested by you and by others:
    Temperance Pearl
    Temperance June
    Temperance Claire

    but I think my favorite with it might be Temperance Maeve - Firstly, I just think it sounds really pretty together and would have a nice flow with an M 2 syllable last name, but also I think the juxtaposition of the opposite meanings is fun and cute (but not in an obvious or jokey way)

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    I like Temperance Jane or Temperance June. I agree that you should go with a short and sweet middle name. I loved seeing my favorite name as a middle name suggestion though, Temperance Cornelia. If you have a short last name a longer middle would flow nicely.

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