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Thread: Temperance

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    I'm just about to drive myself insane with this name! As much as I love it, I can't find a name that I love with it. Help! Opinions about the list and other options are much needed and appreciated! Last name is 2 syllables and starts with M. Thanks!

    Temperance Evelyn
    Temperance Evalena
    Temperance Eileen
    Temperance Emmaline
    Temperance Elizabeth
    Anna Temperance
    Flora Temperance
    Lena Temperance
    Hazel Temperance
    Harriet Temperance
    Temperance Ann
    Temperance Kay
    Temperance Pearl
    Temperance Opal
    Temperance Olivia
    Temperance Adelle
    Temperance Jane
    Olive Temperance
    Briar Temperance
    Temperance Lucille

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    Temperance feels like a little too much as first name, so I would use it in the middle. Flora Temperance really stuck out to me.

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    Thanks for the comment! Temperance is definitely a big name. However, no matter where it is, first or middle, we will call her Temperance or Tempe. I don't feel like it's anymore frilly or pretentious than Elizabeth, Isabella, or Abigail and I absolutely love that it's not popular. Any suggestions for other names to go with it? This is one name that my husband and I love equally! We need a name to go with it!

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    I say if you're going to call her Temperence, just make that the first name. Here are some more options:

    Temperence Rose
    Temperence Clare
    Temperence Irene
    Temperence Colleen
    Temperence Cornelia
    Temperence Henrietta (whoa, that's a big one!)
    Temperence Eugenia
    Temperence Belinda

    Good luck!

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    I think Temperance sounds adorable but with so many syllables in it and a 2 syllable last name I would use a short one or 2 syllable middle name. Temperance Hope stuck out to me.

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