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    Quote Originally Posted by holbs View Post
    I much prefer the previous forums as well. They were easier to navigate, much nicer on the eye and less complicated
    I am really sad about the present format I have tried to like it but it just doesn't have the ease of the last format. I am particularly sad about following my previous posts. As far as I can tell unless I find a post that I have made and then right click I cannot access any former posts and for a nameberry that posts as often as I do this is a major upset.

    Can you help? I feel that there is not much point in being involved as I was before.

    Psalm 23

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    I could not agree more. Pleasepleaseplease change them back into the warm, colorful, EASY ones that they once were. Everything about the forums is confusing and stark now. I greatly dislike it. Plus, another reason why it annoys me is that this new forum idea is slowing down my computer. This post alone took me 10 minutes to write because the typing functions were sooooo slow. Pleasebring back the old forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    Cristinamariane, You should be able to see all your posts since the beginning of time by going to the main forum page, clicking Forum Actions, then General Settings, and way down at the bottom under Default Thread Age Cut Off (talk about a clunky phrase), you can choose Show All Threads. There's a lot of customizable stuff there that also may be of interest to you and others.
    I did try this several times and unfortunately no matter where I look, I never see anything from before the new site change.

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    I don't know if this is the issue everyone's been talking about but I know I can find the posts I've commented on by going to my profile and clicking the link on the left hand side that says something like "see all posts", mind you I'm not sure if that extends back before the site change.

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Change it Back to the old format!!... Everyday when I log in, I am HOPING to see the old format where it was so much fun to be on-line looking at and discussing baby names..Now it is NOT fun anymore ....Hope you are listening to all of your baby-namers out here in nameland:-)

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