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    Oh my goodness yeah, what up with the whole thing where when you move the mouse off of the text box it scrolls back up to the top? That was EXTREMELY annoying when I attempted to play name games. I just gave up too, lilac, which is very depressing because I absolutely LOVE name games.

    This new setup is horrible! Please change it back!

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    I can't seem to search anything. Please change it back. Oh and it doesn't work with Google Chrome at all.
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    I'm so sorry you're all so unhappy! I agree that they look more techy and clinical but I thought bringing back the pictures on the home page helped a lot and I like the way you can reply so easily while keeping everyone else's posts in front of you and also the name linking. We'd love to hear specific suggestions for making you love this new format as much as you loved the old one!
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    It's finally got one thing I wanted since I first used the site. When I have multiple tabs or windows open (and I usually do), it's easy to keep track of them. The name displayed for each doesn't start with "Baby Name Message Board", but is the actual topic title.

    One thing I really don't like: When I clicked "New Posts", the site gave me what it said was "Page 1 of 5". Then when I go to page 2 of the list, it says "Page 2 of 6", and so on. It doesn't correctly register the total number of pages of results. Another (non-name) forum I'm on that recently upgraded has exactly the same problem.


    More discoveries:

    It used to be really slow to process a post; now that's quick.

    When I search for my own posts, it turns up only this one; that is, the only post I've made since the upgrade. My post count still reads as 745, though.
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    Am having real problems finding my old posts. Plus finding my way around this new set up. I'm sure I will like it fine when I get the hang of how to use it; I'm just feeling a little confused about navigating smoothly around posts etc! Could you post a 'guide' for how to use the new features, which I'm sure are all great, I'm just not sure how to do anything anymore.
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