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    Did we lose all of our old posts or not? If they are gone forever I think we should be told. It seems to be an issue for many of us.
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    I think the one thing that I miss is that there was an option on the page to view topics you've posted on. I don't necessarily want to see my own post, I just want to see if there are any new posts to things I've commented on. I'd love to have that option back.

    EDIT: Oh hey, I found it (kind of). I see the subscribed thread option, but it is only for threads I've posted on since the change. I suppose there's no way to get all of the threads I've posted on in that list, is there?
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    The new layout looks a lot like the Baby Name Genie website to me. It's a shame that Nameberry lost its unique message boards and looks like it stole the format of another site.

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    I hate this new forum..I don't ever get on the message boards anymore except to post this!!! Please change it back. This is HORRIBLE..It is just not fun anymore:-(

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    I like some aspects, but not others. I really hate how I've lost all of my previously subscribed threads! And how the forum page says that the boards have thousands of threads, but only go as far back as July (eg. Girl's names apparently has 8418 threads, but only has 23 pages - with 20 posts per page, that only makes 460!). Will we ever get them back??

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