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    I really appreciate the supportive comments but please know that we're also trying to address your concerns. In terms of "stealing" babynamegenie's format, we probably are both using the same standard program to run the forums. There are of course a limited number of programs that do this so lots of sites overlap. This is often disguised by changes in color and font, and we do intend to warm up the look here once we iron out other, more central issues. The main reason we switched to this program was that we wanted names within the forums to link back to our database, and our other forum program didn't do that. I do hope that once we warm up the look and fix other issues, everyone will agree that we are the same community and that the links actually add a lot to the forums.
    Pam Satran

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    "Rome wasn't built in a day," so the saying goes. Thank you, Pam, Linda, and Hugh for all your work, and the pleasure of this fun and informative site!

    -- Nephele

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    I agree with Nephele!

    I don't think that the new forum is that different to the old one, and I think in general is works a bit better - locking topics and the quick post at the bottom of the page especially - my only complaint is the old posts not being there and my subscriptions are gone from before the changes. If they were fixed I'd be totally happy! I think that it's great that the powers that be at nameberry are trying to make the site better, even if some people disagree with whether or not it is better.

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    I don't mind the new look at all. The reason I come here is to discuss names and I can still do that. (Thank goodness!)

    However, I have followed the instructions Pam provided in order to see all my posts from the beginning of time, and I still cannot find them. After changing my settings, all of my posts are only those I've made since the change. Please help!
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    I much prefer the previous forums as well. They were easier to navigate, much nicer on the eye and less complicated

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