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    I feel a bit bad for being (if even a little) harsh about the new forums. They've sort of grown on me, and though I don't adore these new forums like the old ones, I appreciate the work Pam and the staff has put into this. If they could change anything I would like them to make it a bit less confusing and change the color scheme.

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    I remember the forums went through a big change a while back, too, and (as someone not very techy) I found it quite confusing then. After a few months I couldn't even remember the original layout, so I'm sure I'll grow to like this layout too.


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    I really just want to see all my old posts and everything I commented on before the big change, because there was a lot of inspiration in there! I don't care about anything else and I love the new quick reply, its making my life a lot easier on here, but I really want to see everything I did on here before the change!! (please vote!)

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    I agree that the new look is dull and kind of hard to read. The old one was colorful and cheerful and the font was very readable. My biggest concern, though, is when I try to search within the forums for mention of a single name, the results are very hard to navigate and only a few turn up. The old format used to take you right to the specific mention of a name, and you could read a few lines from that thread on the search results. Now the search results just list the main title of the thread but not highlight the occurrence of the searched-for name, if that makes sense. I had to open page one of the first search result and use Control-Find to locate my searched-for name. If it wasn't on page one, I had to go to page two and repeat the process, etc. The old format was so straightforward when it came to searching for a specific name in the forums!

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    Cristinamariane, You should be able to see all your posts since the beginning of time by going to the main forum page, clicking Forum Actions, then General Settings, and way down at the bottom under Default Thread Age Cut Off (talk about a clunky phrase), you can choose Show All Threads. There's a lot of customizable stuff there that also may be of interest to you and others.
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