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    Hugh, the instructions that you list for looking up old posts only brings back a list of posts since the new message board was rolled out. Is there any way to list all posts and whether the threads had been responded to, like the old message boards?

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    How on earth do you change your information/signature in the 'About Me' section?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pansy View Post
    I had this problem too. The site finally let me log in (after two days of trying). I'm hoping that this means that problem is fixed because I really don't want to have to re-register.

    EDIT: Oh and the only previous post my account is listing is this one. Did the previous posts search lose all the data before the switch?
    Mine did the same thing but I guess it was fixed.

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    I still can not find my posts anywhere.
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    Yes, having the same issues. Old posts made before the new boards are no longer in my history, I wish there was an easier 'previous posts' link at the top, and I had problems logging in this morning. I was logged in and went to reply to something and was told I did not have permission to post. I did something where I logged in (even though I was already logged in according to the top of the page where it had my username) and then it changed over and fixed it for me. Probably just a bug, but figured I'd mention!

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