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    1. Your name is Ophelie Sabrina Hall and you are a nineteen-year-old freshman at Columbia University, majoring in English. You are paired up with a girl who has the same major as you for your roommate. The two of you become friends. A month into the semester, the two of you are having lunch in one of the school's cafeterias and she's going on and on about a new guy she's seeing. An older guy, a junior she met at the freshman orientation over the summer. You don't think much of it until you meet him a few days later. You like him, but you laugh when he and your roommate insist that his best friend is perfect for you and they want to set you guys up. You've bumped into the other guy a few times, but you think of him as nothing more than your roommate's boyfriend's best friend.
    What is the guy's name (DH)? Dean Gabriel Barnes
    What is your roommate's name? Julianne Elisabeth Meiers
    What is your roommate's boyfriend's name? Connor Nicholas Roberts

    2. Thanksgiving break rolls around and you go home to Middletown, CT. You go back to school the day before classes start again and your roommate is not back yet. You know that she stayed an extra day to make up work for a class, but you haven't seen her. You also noticed that her boyfriend's best friend came back early too...not that it really means anything. As you are unpacking your bags, you see your bedsheets are rumbled, and you know for certain you washed them before you left. Still, you check anyway...and find two USED condoms under the blankets!!! Your roommate had sex in YOUR bed! You look around the campus and can't find her or her boyfriend. You go back to your dorm room, find a plastic sandwich bag, take the condoms out of the trash with a pencil, stick them inside the bag, and write Connor's name on the label. He and his best friend live in another building, so you stick the bag inside your pocket, go to the boys' dorm, and up to their room. Dean answers the door to your knock. You hold up the sandwich bag and say "Connor left these on my bed." He bursts out laughing, so hard tears are in his eyes.

    3. You and Dean become good friends after the whole condom incident. You tell the story to anyone who wants to know--much to the embarrassment of your roommate and her boyfriend, but everyone gets a good laugh out of it. You and Dean grow closer over the next two years, as you become a sophomore and he's a senior. When he graduates, you treat him to a night out, just the two of you.
    Where do you take him? A carnival and you go on all the rides

    4. Two years go by. You and Dean still keep in touch. You see each other at least twice a month and talk once a week. Both of you are busy, you being a senior in college while he's starting his career as a lawyer. Then, you graduate and, like two years before, he takes you out--but it ends a little differently. He confesses his love for you and gives you a special present!
    What happens on your date with him? He takes you to your favorite restaurant and gives you a gold heart-shaped locket that looks like this:; inside is engraved "I love you."

    5. You and DH are officially dating. After you graduate, you, your roommate Julianne, and another college friend of yours, Katherine, buy a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Seattle, WA, where you all plan to start your careers. Within 18 months, your career as a journalist is starting off on the right foot and you're having the time of your life. It gets even better when 2 years later, DH proposes!
    How does DH propose? At night, on the rooftop of your apartment building, with a skyline view of the city

    6. 6 months after DH proposes, you have the wedding of your dreams. Your college roommate/best friend Julianne, is the maid of honor, her fiance, Connor, is the best man, and your bridesmaids are Katherine, Caroline, Emily, Zoe, and Jessica. It goes on without a hitch and you and DH have a dreamy honeymoon in Paris.
    What kind of wedding, dress, & engagement ring do you have? You have a springtime wedding at the local city garden. Your dress looks like this:
    Your engagement ring looks like this:

    7. Three weeks after you return from your honeymoon, you move into an apartment with DH. A year later, the two of you bye a house in Seattle.
    What does your house look like?

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