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    The Black Hole Known As University

    *Long* Create-A-Family! *40 children*

    You and your spouse have a very large brood! 40 children to be exact! What are their names?

    Surnames: Grant, Oliver, Anderson, Hämäläinen, Beilschmidt, Franco, Grimani, Russo, Lake, Stone, Zanelli, Bragdon, Samuels, Taylor, Tudor, Wilson, Cummings, Ellis, Kirkland, Silkwood
    Your Name: Your Choice
    Your Spouse’s Name: Your Choice
    DD1/DS1 (25): Named after a family member or close friend (can be a real family member or an imaginary one for either "parent" to have. Technically, this is a “your choice” name)
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): All have nature middle names, first initial E
    DS2 (22): Initials PRS, two middles
    DD5/DS3 (21): Named after a boy/girl pair (romantic partners, siblings, business partners etc.) from literature, television, movies, anime, mythology, history, etc. Middles are your choice
    DD6 (20): Has a flower first name and a unisex middle name
    DS4/DS5 (19): Have last names for first names
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): They have all have unisex first names and share a middle initial
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): First names are after historical figures. Middles are your choice
    DS10 (16): Middle name is Italian, first name is your choice
    DD11/DD12 (15): Have two middle names
    DS11/DS12 (14): Were named after a boy/boy pair (romantic partners, siblings, business partners etc.) from literature, television, movies, anime, mythology, history, etc. Middles are your choice.
    DS13/DD13 (13): These twins were born on Halloween. First names are mystical and middle names are gem names
    DD14 (10) Has the initials AFJ, two middles
    DS14/DS15 (7): First names start with R. Middles are German
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): First names are after Disney characters, middle names are after British royalty.
    DS16/DS17 (4): Middle names start with M
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): two middles. First initial and first middle initial must both be A. Last middle must be less than 6 letters.
    DD20/DS20 (nb): You and your partner have decided that you are done with kids after this last round. To celebrate, name these twins your favourite GP combos~
    Arsinoë, 19
    Matilda Artemis Fawn & Gilbert Apollo Demetri
    Ellington Demetria Louise & Edmund Nathaniel Scipio
    Cleo Madeleine Sophie & Nico Arthur Alois
    Annabeth Humility Urtė & Perseus Matthew Ciel
    Cecily Violet Antigone & Misha Adrian Seth
    Ardith Thalia Jane & Alec Mercutio Foster
    Runa Charlotte Carter & Alfred Lionel Garrison
    Xanthe Meredith Aurora & Lovino Prosper Osiris
    Zadie Athena Clove & Lilith Minerva Primrose
    Bree Elizabeth Pepper & Katrina Persephone Margot

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    Far North Queensland
    Isabella Maya (Kirkland) Lake and Nicholas Adam Lake

    DD1/DS1 (25): Scarlett Amelia & Arthur Jeremy
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): Esther Acacia, Edith Rain & Eliza Primrose
    DS2 (22): Phillip Rory Sebastian
    DD5/DS3 (21): Margaret Thea "Peggy" & Steven Grant
    DD6 (20): Clover Hollis
    DS4/DS5 (19): Connolly Alfred & Kincaid Oren
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): Artemis Ruby, Nova Ruth, Jensen Rhys, Carlisle Rio, Elliott Rex
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): Theodore Owen, Joan Eloise & Victoria Ada
    DS10 (16): George Octavio
    DD11/DD12 (15): Josephine Hazel May & Vivienne Cora Pearl
    DS11/DS12 (14): Sherlock Benedict & John Hamish
    DS13/DD13 (13): Murdoch Jasper & Enid Bijou
    DD14 (10) Adelisa Francesca Juno
    DS14/DS15 (7): Rowan Everard & Rupert Maximillian
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): Alice Matilda, Marian Bridget, Eudora Cecily & Lucille Adelaide
    DS16/DS17 (4): Edmund Michael & Gabriel Moses
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): Agnes Arabella Ivy, Alistair Amos Frank & Albert Augustus Jude
    DD20/DS20 (nb): Adelisa Genevieve & Balthazar Mycroft
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    DH: Mitchell Evan Kirkland
    DW: Sofia Rose Kirkland (nee Anderson)

    DD/DS (25): Kylie Rose Kirkland & Silas Daniel Kirkland
    DD/DD/DD (23): Evelyn Daisy Kirkland, Emily River Kirkland, & Elizabeth Dahlia Kirkland
    DS (22): Paxton Robert Scott Kirkland
    DD/DS (21): Layla Marie Kirkland & Lucas Alexander Kirkland (after Luke Skywalker & Leia Organa)
    DD (20): Lily Skyler Kirkland
    DS/DS (19): Elliott James Kirkland & Truman Isaiah Kirkland
    DD/DD/DS/DS/DS (18): Avery Louise Kirkland, Taylor Leanne Kirkland, Logan Levi Kirkland, Bailey Landon Kirkland, & Jordan Leonardo Kirkland
    DS/DD/DD (17): Benjamin Grant Kirkland, Eleanor May Kirkland, & Cady Matilda Kirkland
    DS (16): Matthias Antonio Kirkland
    DD/DD (15): Faith Arianna Leigh Kirkland & Clara Matilda Fay Kirkland
    DS/DS (14): Zachary John Kirkland & Cody Elijah Kirkland
    DS/DD (13): Miles Emerald Kirkland & Cassandra Ruby Kirkland
    DD (10): Amelia Felicity Jo Kirkland
    DS/DS (7): Roman Bruno Kirkland & Riley Alvin Kirkland
    DD/DD/DD/DD (6): Aurora Catherine Kirkland, Arielle Victoria Kirkland, Isabelle Beatrice Kirkland, & Bianca Charlotte Kirkland
    DS/DS (4): Hudson Milo Kirkland & Wesley Malachai Kirkland
    DD/DS/DS (3): Abigail Anna Sue Kirkland, Andrew Austin Paul Kirkland, & Arlo Ashton Zane Kirkland
    DD/DS (nb): Echo Lilianne Kirkland & Graham Nathaniel Kirkland

    Mitchell & Sofia have Kylie, Silas, Evie, Emma, Ebby, Paxton, Layla, Luke, Lily, Eli, Truman, Ava, Taylor, Logan, Bailey, Jordan, Ben, Nora, Cady, Matthias, Faith, Clara, Zach, Cody, Miles, Cassie, Amelia, Roman, Riley, Rory, Aria, Belle, Brianca, Hudson, Wesley, Abby, Drew, Arlo, Echo, & Graham.
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14), and Everett William & Nora Elizabeth (12/29/15).

    Wesley James, Samuel Edward, Landon Jace, Declan Levi, Blaise Elliot, Elias John, Everett William, Tobias Benjamin, Dominic Eli
    Faith Elizabeth, Clara Rose, Elena Harper, Maisie Eloise, Margo Elizabeth, Nora Cadence, Lydia Diane, Aurora Blair, Amelia Rose

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    Lost in a Book
    LN: Franco

    DH: Daniel Joshua "Dan"
    DW: Katherine Elliott "Kate" [Samuels]

    DD1/DS1: Brenna Jessamine/ Charlie Thomas (25)
    DD2/DD3/DD$: Evangeline Lily "Eva"/ Everly Willow/ Eden Cricket (23)
    DS2: Patrick River Steven (22)
    DD5/DS3: Delilah Juliette "Lila"/ Samson Joseph "Sam" (21)
    DD6: Rosetta Sydney "Etta" (20)
    DS4/DS5: Palmer Wyatt/ Smith Jason (19)
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8: Quinn Adelaide/ Avery Annabelle/ Taylor Adrian/ Jordan Anthony/ Riley Andrew (18)
    DS9/DD9/DD10: Alexander Bennett "Alex"/ Eleanor Mollie "Elle"/ Martha Winnie "Mari" (17)
    DS10: Theodore Matteo "Theo" (16)
    DD11/DD12: Maya Natalie Grace/ Lindsey Noelle Elise (15)
    DS11/DS12: Edward John/ Jacob Seth (14)
    DS13/DD13: Styxx Onyx/ Artemis Ruby "Artie" (13)
    DD14: Aniyah Faye Jolie (10)
    DS14/DS15: Roman Herrick/ Rhys Arend (7)
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18: Merida Helena/ Jasmine Dorothea/ Tiana Agatha/ Kiera Matilda (5)
    DS16/DS17: Sawyer Matthew/ Hunter Morgan (4)
    DD19/DS18/DS19: Alice Amelia Mae/ August Abraham Dean "Gus"/ Aaron Ashley Hayes (3)
    DD20/DS20: Delaney Georgia "Laney"/ Walker Lukas

    Dan and Kate Franco
    Brenna, Charlie, Eva, Everly, Eden, Patrick, Lila, Sam, Etta, Palmer, Smith, Quinn, Avery, Taylor, Jordan, Riley, Alex, Elle, Mari, Theo, Maya, Lindsey, Edward, Jacob, Styxx, Artie, Aniyah, Roman, Rhys, Merida, Jasmine, Tiana, Kiera, Sawyer, Hunter, Alice, Gus, Aaron, Laney and Walker

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    Surnames: Kirkland
    Your Name: Paisley Bernadette
    Your Spouse’s Name: Lane Valentine

    DD1/DS1 (25): Marissa Athena and Hunter Russell
    DD2/DD3/DD4 (23): Emmeline Dove, Eliza Poppy, and Eudora Lake
    DS2 (22): Patton Ryder Sampson
    DD5/DS3 (21): Mabel Georgia and Mason Dakota
    DD6 (20): Rose Aubrey
    DS4/DS5 (19): Roosevelt Walter and Washington Rudolph
    DD7/DD8/DS6/DS7/DS8 (18): Rowan Thalia, Harley Tuesday, Avery Tyler, Emerson Tane, and Jude Tristan
    DS9/DD9/DD10 (17): Booker Nathanael, Katherine Hannelore, and Marie Louise
    DS10 (16): Vincent Romano
    DD11/DD12 (15): Lyla Winter Vienna and Lula Daisy Blythe
    DS11/DS12 (14): Perseus Oliver and Grover Henley
    DS13/DD13 (13): Fable Onyx and Echo Pearl
    DD14 (10) April Faline Jupiter
    DS14/DS15 (7): Rory Diedrich and Ryan Wilhelm
    DD15/DD16/DD17/DD18 (5): Ariel Charlotte, Tiana Mary, Elsa Victoria, and Jasmine Anne
    DS16/DS17 (4): Jason Maddox and Jackson Madden
    DD19/DS18/DS19 (3): Amber Ashton Opal, Austin Alexander Rhys, and Arthur Addison James
    DD20/DS20 (nb): Yue Allura Kidagakash and Finnian Matthew Izumi

    Paisley and Lane Kirkland with Marissa, Hunter, Emmeline "Emmy", Eliza, Eudora, Patton, Mabel, Mason, Rose, Roosevelt "Ozzie", Washington "Ash", Rowan, Harley, Avery, Emerson, Jude, Booker, Katherine, Marie, Vincent, Lyla, Lula, Perseus "Percy", Grover, Fable, Echo, April, Rory, Ryan, Ariel, Tiana "Tia", Elsa, Jasmine, Jason, Jackson, Amber, Austin, Arthur, Yue, and Finnian "Finn"
    Christine Kennedy - Emmeline Rose - Lyla Winter
    Nico Alexander - Emerson Gray - Arthur Elton

    Adelaide May - Lula Rowan - Felicity Iris
    Sophie Clarisse - Mabel Wren - Amelia Piper - Juniper Hazel

    Milo Caspian - Avery Jonas - Theodore Kingston
    River Ellis - Everett Madden - Lincoln Perseus - August Reuel

    Owen - Rhys - Parker - Dallas - Jackson / Isolde - Opal - April - Ellie - Peyton
    Favorite Names-Character Names-Girl Names For Boys

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