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    Shortly after your baby's first birthday, your boyfriend leaves you. You knew it was coming. The two of you have been having issues since your baby's birth. You're 17 now and have just finished high school. You pushed yourself to get it done early so that you could spend more time with your baby. Your grandparents tell you that they'll support you and your little one financially if you go to the local university. You agree and begin your courses immediately. You're ready to put this part of your life behind you. You're a mother and caring for your child is your number one responsibility now. You fly through college, much like you did your last two years of high school. At the blossoming age of 21, you've graduated with your degree. Your little one is 5 now and just starting Kindergarten. You decide to take some time to focus on getting your little one started on the right foot before diving into your career. You volunteer for his/her class. You become well acquainted with your child's teacher, Mr. Stevenson. One day, Mr. Stevenson asks you to coffee. You accept. This time, the two of you talk much more personally than you do in the classroom environment. A few months later, you're officially dating. Knowing your situation with your grandparents, he asks you to move in with him. He wants company around his home and convinces you that this is the perfect opportunity for you to begin your internship. You don't want to put a financial strain on him since teachers make so little money, so you agree on one condition; your grandparents still support you and your little one financially. He agrees and you move in. At this point, it's summer vacation, so he plays Mr. Mom to your little one, while you begin your dive into your career. After a year of living together smoothly, he proposes and you accept. When your little one is 7, the two of you get married.

    What is his full name? Roman Dexter Stevenson

    What does his house look like?
    How does he propose to you? (roll)
    1. In the middle of his classroom, in front of his class.
    What does your engagement ring look like? lapis lazuli stone encircled by diamonds on a silver band
    Where do you get married? Jamaica
    What does your wedding dress look like? Cinderella dress
    Where does he take you on your honeymoon? The Bahamas

    A little after the honeymoon, you feel those same feelings you felt years ago. You take a test and sure enough, you're pregnant. Your husband and little one begin jumping through the house with joy. 9 months later, you give birth. This baby will be the opposite gender of your firstborn.

    What is your baby's name? Audrey Naomi Stevenson
    just a name nerd with lots of plans.
    Childhood cancer has names too. Never forget Ronan, Talia, Ty, and all the other children suffering

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