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    The four of you have graduated high school. You�re all 18 & have college to look forward to. Except it�s community college for each of you. Your cousin goes for a couple months, but drops out. It�s too hard with a 2 year old and an 8 year old (she got custody of her little brother when she turned 18). You notice that she seems to be getting more and more depressed. You offer to stay home with the kids, so her and her boyfriend can go out for dinner. That same night, you decide to take a pregnancy test because you�ve been feeling queasy. It comes out positive and you�re excited to tell your cousin when she gets home. You put the kids down for sleep and your boyfriend goes to bed. You stay up waiting to tell your cousin the news, but it�s 2am now. It�s not like them to stay out this late. Then you get a call from your mother. Your cousin and her boyfriend where hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly. That means that you are now the legal guardian of your 8 year old cousin, but what about your cousin�s child? Your mom tells you that it�s going to be difficult, but that the toddler will stay in his/her home (meaning with you and your boyfriend) until it�s all sorted out, officially. After months and months of court dates, it�s agreed upon that you will be the guardian of your cousin�s 2 year old. If you are unable to care for the child, he/she would then be placed in the care of your boyfriend�s parents (who are also the toddler�s grandparents). You�re glad that this has all been settled because you�re now 3 months pregnant and ready to relax. You drop out of college and stay home with the kids all day. Your little cousin has school during the day, but as soon as he gets home, you like to help him with his homework and then prepare dinner. At one of your checkups, it�s determined that you�re carrying triplets! What are you and your boyfriend to do? He immediately drops out of school and gets a full time job to start saving up. You turn 19 and give birth to your babies. Your 18 year old sister immediately moves in to help you out with the babies, as well as the other two kids living in your house.

    Roll the dice:
    4. 1 boy, 2 girls �
    For the girls:
    For the boy:

    Middle names:

    What genders do you have?
    Baby 1: Girl
    Baby 2: Boy
    Baby 3: Girl

    What are their full names (they�ll have your boyfriend�s last name)?
    Baby 1: Sadie Emmeline
    Baby 2: August Tobias
    Baby 3: Harper Clementine


    ME: April Brooke Michel
    BOYFRIEND: Ben William Michel
    LITTLE COUSIN: Riley Finn Michel
    COUSIN'S DAUGHTER: Lucy Rose Michel
    MY TRIPLETS: Sadie Emmeline Michel, August Tobias Michel, Harper Clementine Michel

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