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    Grandfather: Henry Raymond Aldean
    Grandmother: Sylvia Margaret Aldean
    Father: Douglas Gregory Phillips
    Mother: Diana Alice Aldean
    You, age 14: Kendra Danielle Phillips
    Sister, age 13: Miranda Karen *Andi* Phillips
    Brother, age 8: Jesse Michael Phillips
    Brother, age 5: Travis Anthony Phillips

    Maximus Huck *Max* Chastain (nephew)
    Bellatrix Nola *Bella* Chastain (deceased sister)
    Imogen Rheya *Ginny* Chastain (friend)
    Miles Guthrie Fisher (hopefully boyfriend)

    Baby 1: Ezekiel Oscar *Zeke* Phillips
    Baby 2: Augustus Homer *Augie* Phillips

    Once school starts back up, you�re struggling. You begin missing classes because you don�t have the money to pay someone to watch your twins. Finally, your mom makes the big move to be closer to your school. Now you and your best friend are living with your mom and your little brothers. You�re somewhat humiliated because you�re 20 years old and living at home, but your circumstance is different than most others. And you need the help. Your brothers are only 14 and 11, so they�re at school during the day. You, your mom, and your friend have worked out your schedules so that between the three of you, someone�s always home to watch the babies. With the amazing help of your mom and your friend, you�re able to graduate college on schedule. And what�s even better� You were able to do it with your best friend at your side. Your dream is to move back to California and begin your career, but how are you to do that with two 3 year olds? Your mom suggests that you try contacting your father � maybe he�ll be able to help you out. So you give him a call and he says he�ll be more than happy to help you out. He�s more than willing to babysit your twins for the day and is ecstatic that you�re willing to let him back into your life and into the life of your children. So at the ripe age of 22, you move to California. You�ve found yourself a decent 2 bedroom apartment that your dad will help you pay for (he�s always been quite well-off). You immediately begin looking for a job. You find one quickly and you love it. You meet a nice male co-worker and realize that the two of you are often found at the same social gatherings. The two of you begin dating and although you like him, it just doesn�t feel right. You want to break it off, but aren�t sure how� you�ve never had to do this before. One night, while at dinner with your boyfriend, a man walks up to your table. You look up and drop your drink. It�s your ex! He says it�s nice to see you and that he just wanted to say hi. You�re speechless, but you manage to introduce him to your boyfriend. Your ex then politely excuses himself and leaves. You excuse yourself, telling your boyfriend you have to use the restroom, but instead you run after your ex. When you catch up with him, he immediately kisses you and tells you he misses you. He wants to start over with you and you quickly agree. The next day, you easily end the relationship with your boyfriend and you�re officially back with your ex. You introduce him to your twins. They fall in love with him, which is easy because he quickly picks up the fatherly role for them. You then introduce him to you father. He starts hanging out with your dad a lot. One day, the four of you are headed to your dad�s house for a small backyard family BBQ. When you get there, you�re shocked to see your sister and your best friend. Before you can wonder why they came, your boyfriend is down on his knee. You quickly accept. Your best friend tells you she always knew this day would come. And 6 months later, the two of you are husband and wife. The two of you buy your first house together in California.

    What does your house look like? (roll)

    What does your engagement ring look like? (roll)

    Where do you get married? (roll)
    2. Traditionally in a church

    What does your wedding dress look like? (roll)

    Where does he take you on your honeymoon? (your choice)


    After your honeymoon, you realize you�re pregnant. Your husband is fervently ecstatic. The two of you begin preparing the twins for the new baby. You have to explain to them that this baby is going to look a little different than them, since your twins are bi-racial. By the time your twins are 5, the baby is born.

    What are your twins mixed with (this is mostly for people who like to add pictures)? (roll)
    5. Caucasian & Native American

    Ruby Annabel Fisher

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