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    Philip Lowell Stevenson

    His house:

    He proposes:
    1. In the middle of his classroom, in front of his class.

    My engagement ring:

    We get married:
    In a castle (6)

    My dress:

    We honeymoon somewhere in Europe. (Paris, France)

    Girl: Opal Alexandria Stevenson

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    Mothers maiden name, grandparents last name: Tucker
    our last name: O'Reilly

    Our names:
    Grandfather: John William
    Grandmother: Kathleen Margaret
    Father: Kenneth "Kenny" Robert
    Mother: Sarah Christine
    Me: Danielle "Dani" Claire
    Sis: Lauren Emily
    Bro: Ryan William
    Bro: John "Johnny" Robert

    Rolled a 4:
    The Bauers:
    Thomas "Tom" Charles
    Emma Catherine

    my boyfriend: Jacob "Jake" Matthew McKenna
    our baby boy: Brady Mason McKenna

    Jake leaves, and i meet
    Owen Henry Stevenson

    our house:

    proposes on a cruise

    marry in Hawaii
    honeymoon in Bahamas

    baby: Maggie Ann

    "Brady and Maggie"

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    [Grandfather] William John Parker
    [Grandmother Catherine Marie Parker
    [Mother] Beverley Hazel Parker
    [Father] Anthony James O'Sullivan
    DD: Ava Madeline O'Sullivan [19]
    -DBF: Max Daniel Kadlec [20]
    --DS: Orson Riley Parker [9] [Cousin]
    --DS: Theon Denver Kadlec [3] [2nd Cousin]
    --DD: Poppy Mae Kadlec [NB]
    --DD: Tallulah Nell Kadlec [NB]
    --DD: Violet Anais Kadlec [NB]
    DD: Eden Charlotte O'Sullivan [18]
    DS: Rhett William O'Sullivan [13]
    DS: Caleb Joseph O'Sullivan [10]

    [Aunt] Matilda Hazel Parker [Deceased]
    [Tallulah's Boyfriend] Levi Joseph Kadlec [Deceased]
    [Cousin] Tallulah Grace Parker [Deceased]

    The four of us graduated high school. We were all 18 and looking forward to college, except it's community college for all of us. My cousin went for a couple of months but dropped out, it was too hard with a 2 year old and an 8 year old - she got custody of her little when she turned 18. I noticed that Tallulah seemed to getting more and more depressed so I offered to stay at home with the kids so she and Levi could go out for dinner. That same night, I decided to take a pregnancy test because I felt queasy, it came out positive and I was so excited to tell my cousin when she got home. I put the kids down sleep and Max went to bed. I stayed up waiting to tell Tallulah the news but it got to 2am and it wasn't like them to stay out that late. I got a call from my mother, Tallulah and Levi where hit by a drunk drive and killed instantly, which meant I was now the legal guardian of my 8 year old cousin but wasn't sure about Theo? My mom toldme that it would be difficult, but Theo would stay with us until it was sorted out officially. After months and months of court dates, it was agreed that I would be the guardian of my cousin's 2 year old. If I were unable to care for the child, he would be placed in the care of my boyfriend's parents, and Theon's grandparents. I was so glad it was all settled because at 3 months, I needed to relax. I dropped out of college to stay at home with the kids all day. My little cousin had school during the day but as soon as he got home I'd help him with his homework and prepare dinner. At one of my checkup's it was determined that I was carrying triplets, and I was so worried about what Max and I would do?! He dropped out of school and got a full time job and started saving. I turned 19 and gave birth to the babies. My sister, Eden, moved into help out with the babies, as well as the other 2 kids.

    I was excited that I gave birth to three beautiful little girls!

    Poppy Mae Kadlec, Tallulah Nell Kadlec and Violet Anais Kadlec. I decided to give on of my daughter's the name Tallulah to honor my wonderful and beautiful cousin.
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    Storyline 6:

    My name: Magdalena Vivian Bond (ne. Penn)
    DH- Dexter Amadeus Bond
    My girls are Maeve Harlow and Delilah Greer Penn

    When I returned to.California, graduated and a single
    mother of twin girls, I bumped into my ex, Dexter. We got
    back together and quickly married.

    Our house- #4 a mansion with a victorian feel
    My ring- #2 can't really desribe it...
    My dress- #2 strapless with accents

    We marry and honey moon somewhere in Europe.

    Maeve and Delilah, now around the age of 5, are a
    *mix of caucasian and asian, with dark black hair,
    Slightly asian features and hazel eyes.

    Shortly after our honeymoon, I get pregnant with a boy-
    Rune Lazarus Bond

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