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    You're 14 years old and are about to start high school with all your best friends that you've grown up with when your parents decide to divorce. Your mom can't afford supporting 4 children on her own (even with the child support) in California, so she decides to move to Florida, where her family is. So the five of you pack up and move across the country to live with your grandparents.

    Your Family:
    Grandfather: Donald "Don" Timothy Deacon
    Grandmother: Judith "Judy" Jane Deacon
    Father: Arthur James Paterson
    Mother: Laura Judith Paterson
    You, age 14: Vanessa April Paterson
    Sister, age 13: Natalie Morgan Paterson
    Brother, age 8: Nathaniel Timothy Paterson
    Brother, age 5: Ian Nicholas Paterson

    You're sharing a room with your sister. Your brothers are sharing with your mom. Your grandparents have their own room. And then there's your aunt. Your mom's younger sister has always been the wild child. She has two kids of her own, a girl the same age as you (whom she had at 16, while your mother was more responsible and had you at 21. Still young, but at least your mother was married) and a 4 year old little boy. Your cousins have different fathers and have never met their fathers. You're not sure your aunt even knows who their fathers are. Regardless, you love your aunt. She's crazy, but she's funny. Your mom finds a job and starts working like crazy, which means you're left to hang out with your aunt and cousin all day. Your aunt takes you to the beach a lot (to pick up boys, she says) and buys you a new bikini. You don't tell your mom half the stuff that your aunt allows you to do. One day, you meet a group of boys at the beach. They're already in high school. They're going to be juniors. You and your cousin don't think you have a shot 'cause you're only going to be gross freshmen. But these juniors invite you to a party they're having later that night. Your aunt says she'll drop you off and just tell your mom she's taking you guys to a movie. While at the party, one of the boys shows an interest in you. By the end of the night, its official, he's your boyfriend. When your aunt picks you up, you're all talking about your night and you discover that your cousin also got herself a boyfriend. your boyfriend's twin brother. Crazy!

    Your boyfriend: Levi Clayton Baris
    Your cousin's boyfriend: Patrick Lee Baris
    Your aunt: Araminta "Minty" Maud Deacon
    Your girl cousin: Frankie-jean "Frankie" Tallulah Deacon
    Your boy cousin: Orlando Marcel Deacon

    To Be Continued...
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