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    You're 14 years old and are about to start high school with all your best friends that you've grown up with when your parents decide to divorce. Your mom can't afford supporting 4 children on her own (even with the child support) in California, so she decides to move to Florida, where her family is. So the five of you pack up and move across the country to live with your grandparents.

    Use this list for the first & middle names of your mother, father, and both of your mother's parents:
    Mom: Colleen Faith
    Dad: Stephen Royce
    Grandma: Florence "Flo" Muriel
    Grandpa: Neal Ira

    Use this list for the first & middle names of you, your brothers, and your sister:
    Me: Fiona Riley
    Brother 1: Casey Thomas
    Brother 2: Shannon Kyle
    Sister: Ayla Marian

    Your mother's maiden name & her parents' last name:
    If you have blue eyes, it can be used as a first name (i.e.: Jackson, Carter, Carson, etc.).

    Mother's Maiden Name: Harper

    Your siblings', father's, and your last name:
    If you have brown hair, it starts with a P.
    Last name: Parker

    What are everyone's full names?
    Grandfather: Neal Ira harper
    Grandmother: Florence "Flo" Muriel Harper
    Father: Stephen Royce Parker
    Mother: Collen Faith Harper-Parker
    You, age 14: Fiona Riley Parker
    Sister, age 13: Ayla Marian Parker
    Brother, age 8: Casey Thomas Parker
    Brother, age 5: Shannon Kyle Parker

    ROLL THE DICE. Keep this number in mind because you will use it multiple times.

    1 or 4: Your grandparents live in a mansion of sorts and each one of you gets your own room. Your grandparents are trying to make this whole divorce and move the easiest for you kids, so they're waiting on you hand and foot. You could definitely get used to this lifestyle. You're enrolled into the most prestigious school in the area, but you're nervous about meeting new people and making friends. You express this to your grandma, who decides to throw you a surprise party. She invites all the girls around your age from the area so you can get to know them and make friends before school starts. Since your grandparents are well-known, many girls show up, along with their parents. One girl shows up with just her father in tow. The two of you hit it off right away and decide you'll become the best of friends. You introduce her and her single *wink wink* father to your mother, who blushes instantly, for this man is very good looking. As your mother and her father talk over drinks, the two of you sneak away. Your new BFF introduces you to her group of friends and voila, you're in the in crowd.

    Your friend and her father's last name:
    If your real name starts with a letter between O and Z:

    Choose your friend's father's first and middle names from this list:

    Choose your friend's first & middle names from this list:

    What are their names?
    Your friend's father: Rupert John Evers
    Your friend: Charlotte Augusta Evers

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