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    First-born son with American first name and Latin middlename

    Hi Berries!!
    I can't believe I'm posting now, but I'm scheduled to be induced next week if baby boy doesn't care to make a grand entrance soon. Suspect he knows we have no name for him yet, so I'm turning to the community for help :?
    Our dilemma has been to create a not so common first and middle name combination that can go with a very common Latin last name (5 letters, 2 syll, starts with an R and ends with an S). Our last names mean something like crown/garland/king and so we're trying to fit that into our choices. We also wanted to have an American FN and a Latin MN to honor both his citizenships. At the moment I am fond of the name Roman,which could be easy for English and non-English speaking folks, but I just don't have a proper mn in mind. We love the names Noah, Matteo, Jacob, Raphael, Liam, and Caleb, but afraid that they are already used in the family or too common these days. He'll be our first-born and the first grandchild, but I am not able to find a fitting name for this situation.
    Naming addicts - please help !! Need your creativity and experience to help us first-timers. hope to hear from you soon..


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    Re: First-born son with American first name and Latin middle

    All the best,

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    Re: First-born son with American first name and Latin middle

    Newberry, congratulations on your little guy! I think Roman Raphael sounds really great, but that might be too much R action if your last name also begins with an R... If you don't mind alliteration, RRR might work for you! I agree with pp that Roman Diego also sounds fantastic! Best of luck
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