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    Part 1. Your name is Audrey Karen Danielle Carrel and you are a fifteen-year-old freshman in high school. You, your parents, and your twelve-year-old brother are going home after going out to eat on a Sunday night. It's snowing and the car slips on a patch of black ice and swerves off the road. Your mom dies at the scene, your dad dies in surgery, and your brother is brain dead for a week before finally dying. You survive with a concussion, broken arm, cracked ribs, and internal bleeding.
    What were your parents' names?
    Mom: Karen Nancy Carrel
    Dad: William Robert Carrel
    What was your little brother's name?
    Tyler Robert Austin Carrel

    3 or 4: You are sent to live with your aunt and uncle in Vancouver Washington. They have two children, a seventeen-year-old son and a fifteen-year-old daughter. You've always had a rivalry with your female cousin. But your male cousin, your aunt, and your uncle are really nice. You become close to two other girls, who happen to be friends with your female cousin.
    What are your aunt & uncle's names?
    Aunt: Anna Colleen Virginia Mathews
    Uncle: Stanley Ray Mathews
    What is your male cousin's name? Riley Brent Mathews
    What is your female cousin's name? Ashton Liliana Mathews
    What are your two girlfriends' names?
    Friend 1: Chelsea Abigail Williams
    Friend 2: Sara Adriana Sterling


    Part 2.

    3 or 4: You and your female cousin learn to live together, but you still hate each other's guts. When you are a senior in high school, your male cousin introduces you to a college friend of his. You start dating him a few weeks after you meet him. He takes you to your prom and you have sex with him in a hotel room afterwards. A month later, you find out you're pregnant and your uncle makes your boyfriend marry you. You have a small, shotgun wedding in Selah, Washington and your engagement ring is a ring that belonged to your boyfriend's late grandmother. You got into your second-best college, Central Washington University, on a scholarship and take your classes during the day. Seven months later, you and your husband move into a small apartment and you have the baby.

    What does your engagement ring look like?
    3 or 4:

    What does your wedding dress look like?
    3 or 4:

    What does your apartment look like?
    5 or 6:

    What's your baby's gender? Boy

    What's your baby's name? Carter Lanier Howell

    Part 3:

    3 or 4: Your baby is now three years old and you are a junior in college, going to school during the day and working at night. Your husband has recently graduated and is working full-time. However, you are seeing him less and less. When his birthday rolls around, you treat him to a night out, with just the two of you. Two months later, you go to the doctor with what you thought was the flu. Turns out, you're pregnant again. This is an unexpected but delightful surprise and, with your three-year-old at daycare, you go home to tell your husband the good news. When you get home, you find him in the living a very compromising position with your female cousin! He just looks right up at you and tells you it's over, the two of you aren't meant for each other. You kick them both out of the apartment. Your husband divorces you, gives up his parental rights to your child, and takes off to Europe with your cousin and is never heard from again. Eight months later, you have twins.

    What are your twins' genders? B/G

    What are your babies' names? Logan Ryan Howell and Harper Mackenzie Howell

    Part 4:

    3 or 4: Your first baby is four and the twins are one year old. At the advice of your aunt, you go to a support group for young single parents. There, you meet a guy who is older than you and with children of his own that go to the same daycare as your children. You learn his wife died of breast cancer two years before. The two of you become friends and start dating 18 months after you met. Three and a half years after that, the two of you are engaged and you have a big, fat, white wedding in a church with all your friends and family. After you return from your honeymoon, you and your three children move in with Eric and his kids.

    How many kids does Eric have? 2 boys and a girl

    What are Eric's kids' names?
    S3: Elias Noel Wicks
    S4: Augustin Leander Wicks
    D2: Jessamine Charlotte Wicks

    Where does Eric live? Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    What does his house look like?

    Part 5

    3 or 4: Over the years, you and Eric have your own biological children, as well as you adopt each others children, growing and completing your family.

    How many kids do you have with Eric? 3 girls 2 boys

    What are your kids' names?
    D3: Adelaide Rain Wicks
    D4: Ceylon Renee Wicks
    S5: Caspian James Wicks
    D5: Sicily Rachelle Wicks
    S6: Denver Jeremiah Wicks

    FINALLY!!! The game is DONE!!!

    List everyone in your family here:
    Me: Audrey Karen Danielle Wicks
    DH: Eric Cameron Wicks
    S1: Carter Lanier Howell-Wicks
    S2: Logan Ryan Howell-Wicks
    D1: Harper Mackenzie Howell-Wicks
    S3: Elias Noel Wicks
    S4: Augustin Leander Wicks
    D2: Jessamine Charlotte Wicks
    D3: Adelaide Rain Wicks
    D4: Ceylon Renee Eicks
    S5: Caspian James Wicks
    D5: Sicily Rachelle Wicks
    S6: Denver Jeremiah Wicks

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