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    Your name is Flora Adelaide Andrews, and you have just gotten a job working in a pre-school centre. You work with a 40 yo. lady with a kind heart named June Harriette Black And a 20-something yo. lad named Martin Judah Calder [ᴍᴀʀᴛʏ]. You have 17 kids in your class. Let's meet them!

    1] Wednesday Iris Hughes
    A sweet 3 yo. with ringlet-like strawberry hair and freckled cheeks. Her parents are local artists and even own an arts and craft shop on your local highstreet. She takes after them as she is always in the painting area. She has a 7 yo. brother named Painter.

    2 and 3] Fergus Cane Chapman and Finlay Joel Chapman [ɢᴜs + ғɪɴɴ]
    Cheeky twin boys! These boys always keep you on your toes!

    4] Oak William Passen
    This little boy has been nicknamed Harry Potter! Black floppy hair, a cute face and glasses. No scar though. He is rather shy and always looking for a hug.

    5] Elula Gracie Pierce [ʟᴜʟᴀ]
    This frizzy brunette girl is adorable! She is scared of everything and very cuddly. Always wants to sit on your lap at story time.

    6, 7 and 8] Noble October Murray, Drummer Knight Murray and Quilla Starr Murray
    Uh-oh: triplets! Two boys and a girl. Their triplets parents are musicians and play in a local band. Very friendly people, though they were a little out there with their kids' names. The triplets are quite stroppy, hyper and very clumsy. Though a handfull, you have a soft spot for them.

    9] Auden Dawson Walsh [ᴀᴜᴅʏ]
    Bad, bad boy! To be honest, you can't stand this child. He is bossy, rude and selfish. He always breaks something.

    10 and 11] Thane Thomas Cook and Giselle Mae Cook [ɢɪɢɪ]
    Another set of twins. A boy and a girl. Very quiet but quite active. They both have ginger hair. The boy has freckles.

    12] Laurel Keiko Fukui
    A little Japanese girl. She can't speak very much English yet; or Japanese really... She giggles a lot though and has a beautiful smile.

    13] Montgomery Andrew Ward [ᴍᴏɴᴛʏ]
    A 4 yo. boy who is obsessed with Pokemon and Yugioh. He always tells you about how "Ash is awesome" and how "Yugi kicks Seto's bumbum". You have to laugh at the obsessive little boy.

    14] Lilly Matilda Graham
    A girl with black hair and blue eyes. She has a big brother called Calvin, a sister called Peyton and another big brother called Oscar.

    15] Nicholas Grant Watson [ɴɪᴄᴏ]
    A chubby little boy with brown-red hair and green eyes. He has a baby brother named Michael and an older brother named Frank.

    16] Esther Judith Russell [ᴇssɪᴇ]
    A sweet girl from a strict Christian family. She is very polite and lady-like. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and seems to be small for her age.

    17] Louie Concord Foster
    A cheeky boy who always causes a mess, but yet, you find him adorable. You really adore both him and his name.
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