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    I went from cribs to big beds for both of my kids. I put them in double beds, but a twin bed would obviously work if you put some little rails on so she won't roll out (just because it's higher than a toddler bed, so the rails would be a precaution). My son has had the same bed for 4 years and probably will stay with the same bed for a while because he's had no need to get a different one! Neither of my kids had any problem going straight from a crib to a big bed. I'd go for that

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    My oldest went from a crib to a toddler bed, and now that her younger sister has taken to the toddler bed, we got our oldest a twin bed. We had much the same dillema you had, when deciding and we finally decided that we would have to get a twin eventually so why not now.
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    I got out of my crib at about 2 or 3 and started in a twin bed. It was pushed against the wall, and on the side without the wall I had those little safety rail things. I LOVED my bed!
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