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    What is your name? Megan Alexis Churchill
    Where do you live? Portland, Oregon
    Who raised you? My Mom & Dad
    What are the names of your parents? Owen Michael & Stacie Rose Churchill
    How many siblings do you have? Two little sisters
    What are your siblings names? Lauren Chloe & Brianna Ella Churchill
    How old are you? 26
    What are you doing for a living? Nurse
    What is DH's name? Jordan Seth Haynes
    How old is DH when you meet him? 33
    What does DH do for a living? Reporter
    How do you meet DH? At a charity event
    How many months do you & DH date for? 4
    How does DH propose? On Valentine's Day, in Rome, next to a fountain
    What kind of wedding do you have? Country wedding
    What does your engagement ring look like?
    What does your wedding dress look like?
    Where do you go for your honeymoon? Istanbul, Turkey
    Where do you & DH settle down after your wedding? Portland, OR
    What does your & DH's house look like? . http://www.front-porch-ideas-and-mor...-plans-101.jpg
    How many children do you & DH have? Four girls
    What are your kids' names? Lexa Gabriella, Nina Sophia, Kari Maeve, and Elya Annalie Haynes
    What is the birth order of your children? Lexa, Nina, Kari, then Elya.
    List everyone in your family:
    Jordan Seth, Megan Alexis, Lexa Gabriella, Nina Sophia, Kari Maeve, and Elya Annalie Haynes

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