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    Logan for a girl???

    Ok, I'll admit it. I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras last night (for the names of course). There were several interesting names and combinations and I was curious what anyone else thought.

    Kylie and Karly - I don't have an issue with the names alone but thought that they were very close in sound for a sibset. I was getting confused as to which one was Kylie and which one was Karly. What is too close for a sibset?

    Heaven - ok. I don't really understand the Heaven/Nevaeh thing. I just think Heaven in particular might lend itself to teasing at some point. Could Haven be an option?

    Paisley - cute. I've always liked this name although I probably wouldn't use it unless it was a family name. I'm not big into sewing or fabric but could Callico be far behind as a name?

    Logan - this was the first time I've heard it for a girl. Logan to me seems very masculine. Are you dooming your daughter to being confused as a boy (in print at least) giving her a masculine name? DO you see the boy name to girl name trend ending anytime soon?

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    Re: Logan for a girl???

    Hahaha, I totally watched this last night too! I loved Logan for a girl until I watched the show and then I was just turned off. I don't think Logan is that masculine though. It's kind of unisex for me.

    Paisley was just the cutest thing in the world, wasn't she? Peppermint cute. I didn't mind the name until my husband started making fun of it. He said "maybe we should name our next one plaid?" I'm sure she'll get a little hell for her name growing up.

    Kylie and Karly are just too close for two sisters. I'm not overly fond of either name but prefer Karly although I would spell it Carley. I don't think Kylie is a name that will grow with a child. I can't imagine an adult Kylie. I sure was glad that the older sister won though. The parents seemed to favor the other one and she was crying and whining the whole time! Squeaky tire...

    Oh and I LOATHE Heaven and Nevaen as names! That's like naming your kid Jesus, they just can't live up!

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    Re: Logan for a girl???

    Heaven - I love it on girl or boy, and also like Haven for boy

    Paisley - I like for a boy, I also like Calico on a boy.

    Logan - I love it for a girl
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    Re: Logan for a girl???

    I think Logan is very masculine and do not see the appeal at all for a girl.

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    Re: Logan for a girl???

    I had never heard of Logan as girls name before....until I met a sibset : Spencer, Logan, and Summer. All girls! Besides the fact that the sibset is awful, (why would you choose 2 unisex names that are generally boy names, and then name your last as feminine name like Summer???) I personally thought that Logan was very masculine...
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