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    Re: Thoughts on name Athen for a boy? (like Athens without '

    Honestly, I don't like it at all. I understand Athens...but what's the point of just Athen? I think he would definitely get mistaken for Ethan.
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    Re: Thoughts on name Athen for a boy? (like Athens without '

    Quote Originally Posted by michelle22
    I immediately thought pronounciations as in Athens. I don't see how they are getting an A-then. You know I think this is a name that really grows on you. At first I was ????? but it is rapidly growing on me. I think it is a great unique name you have come up with. I can see friends and family falling in love with this once they get used to it. Go for it!
    Thanks! I feel the same way.. I don't think my sister-in-laws liked it either, but it grew on them too! I think I am going to go for something very simple for his middle name. We are thinking Athen William..

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    Re: Thoughts on name Athen for a boy? (like Athens without '

    I like it. It's cool and different.
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    Athen is a great name

    Hi I know I'm late to the party but I love the name Athen in fact that is my son's name and people for the most part get it right. I also gave him a pretty common middle name and I like it better than Athens because who wants go to Athens's house too many ssssssss.

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    I agree that upon reading it I pronounce it like Athens just without the 's'. Not like Nathan without the 'N'.
    In which case I do really like it. Any other way of pronouncing it turns me off completely.
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