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    Middle Name for Cole (girl)

    My husband and I decided on the name Cole for our baby girl. (Yes, I know some people won't like it but we love it. We don't like Nicole, Colbie or Colette, just Cole.) The problem is we don't have a middle name yet. We are young parents at 23 but we love the retro names. We want something very strong, feminine and retro. We like the middle name to be longer too... like 3 or 4 syllables but we are up for anything as long as it isn't too "trendy". Thanks for your help

    Btw, we have twin boys who are 2 whose names are Declan Joel and Crew Oliver so if it can kind of go with that as well. THANK YOU!

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    Re: Middle Name for Cole (girl)

    I have to say I love Cole! Great baby name choice and especially if you LOVE it!!

    I am not sure how many syllables your last name is .. but here are some suggestions..

    Cole Evangeline
    Cole Adair/Adele (Adair and Adele are two of my fave middle name)
    Cole Juliette
    Cole Alexis

    Let me know how many syllables the last name is and I will be happy to add additional names!!

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