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    Your name is Julia Katherine Penn and you grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. You meet, Benjamin James Tyler, and fall into everlasting love. You become pregnant with triplets! Yay! (2 Boys, 1 Girl)
    Baby 1: Nathaniel Parker
    Baby 2: Zachary Auden
    Baby 3: Madeline Sophia
    As blessed as you feel you are shocked to find out that you've concieved twins while breast feeding! (2 Girls)
    Baby 4: Audrey Kate
    Baby 5: Willa Beth
    You and your perfect amazing husband have always wanted a big family so you wait until the twins are 2 and the triplets are 3 before you try again. (Boy)
    Baby 6: Liam Grayson
    and a year later you try again and get (Boy)
    Baby 7: Asher Brennan
    and a year later you are blessed with (Boy)
    Baby 8: Jack Isaiah
    and by now you miss having a baby girl and convince hubby to keep trying for one. (Girl)
    Baby 9: Paige Mackenzie
    You think you are done but along comes another BFP while you are breastfeeding! (Girl)
    Baby 10: Lillian Cora
    Your oldest is now 18 and your youngest is 7 when you and your husband go on a second honeymoon and come home with two buns in the oven! (Boy/Girl)
    Baby 11: Caleb Thomas
    Baby 12: Claire Savannah
    Yay! You get your tubes tied and you are a happy family of 12! You never fight or have money troubles & they all go to college & support themselves & everyone gets along and you all live happily ever after.

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