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    Im sure this has been asked alot since Nicole Richie named her baby Harlow.. but is it OK to name my baby daughter this or will it ONLY be remembered as Nicoles childs name? Will people think I am a die-hard Nicole or Joel fan? Or is it just such a beautiful (in my opinion) name that I should go with it if I love it? I would love honest opinins only- oyld rather here the truth about it BEFORE I made a naming mistake on my first born! Thanks everyone... Also, do you have ny names that are sort of Harlow-name-siblings??
    ALSO, do you think because of Harlow Madden the name is now over-popular? I myself have never heard it other than Harlow Madden and I believe another celebrity has an older child with the name as well...

    Thanks- sorry for rambling! ha

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    Re: Harlow

    No problem with the Ritchie connection. Go ahead and use it.

    Yes, the first couple of weeks you will have a few people comment that Nicole Ritchie also named her kid that. And then a rare comment when you first meet a group of mommies. But that's it. And they will quickly associate the name with YOUR baby and not her child. The Ritchie connection will be more in your head then any one elses I assure you.

    Also, I will wager a large sum of money that in 3 years their is no way Nicole Ritchie will still be a celebrity. She is already dissapearing quickly from the headlines so it will be a completly mute point.

    Harlow is a beautiful name.

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    Re: Harlow

    Harlow is a lovely name. I believe actress Patricia Arquette was the first to use it before Nicole Ritchie. Personally, I rarely think of current celebs but rather the 1930's actress Jean Harlow who I believe was the inspiration for their naming. Her real name, by the way was 'Harlean Harlow Carpentier'

    It's difficult to tell how this name will be be perceived in 5 years time, but it is on an upswing trend.
    If you really love you should definitely use it.
    Regarding Ritchie, she is more prominent now with her fashion lines 'House of Harlow' and 'Winter Kate'- I think she has switched gears with regards to her career.

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