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    1. Rylie Lynn: "Courageous"; "Lake"
    2. Gabriella Grace: "God is my strength"; "God's favor"
    3. Phoebe Love: "Radiant, shining one"; "Love"
    4. Brynn Emilia: "Hill"; "Rival"
    5. Chloe Elise: "Young green shoot"; "Pledged to God"
    6. Holly Rebecca: "Holly tree"; "Servant of God"
    7. Emmeline Ruth: "Work"; "Compassionate friend"
    8. Miriam Arabella: "Wished-for child"; "Yielding to prayer"
    9. Lily-Ann Naomi: "Lily, a flower"; "Grace"; "Pleasantness"
    10. Alexandra Faith: "Defending men"; "Faithful"

    1. Ezra Michael: "Help"; "Who is like God?"
    2. Aidan Richard: "Little and fiery"; "Dominant ruler"
    3. Jonah Ross: "Dove"; "Upland, peninsula"
    4. Malachi Jude: "My messenger"; "Praised"
    5. Isaac Gabriel: "Laughter"; "God is my strength"
    6. Rowan Elijah: "Little redhead"; "Jehovah is God"
    7. Chaim Levi: "Life"; "Joined, attached"
    8. Luca Solomon:" Man from Lucania"; "Peace"
    9. Micaiah James: "Who is like God?"; "Supplanter"
    10. Camden Josiah: "Winding valley"; "God supports, heals"
    Wesley / Malachi / Ezra / Rowan / Sawyer / Henry

    Emmeline / Aurora / Hallie / Lucy / Rory

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