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    Re: Please Help Narrow Down these Combos! :)

    I like Ainsley Reese!
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    Re: Please Help Narrow Down these Combos! :)

    Clara Juliet ~ Stella Anneliese ~ Lucy Elizabeth ~ Annabel Harper ~ Meredith Lisette
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    Re: Please Help Narrow Down these Combos! :)

    phillipa maeve is the best complimentary name, i think. and its pretty and very elegant

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    Re: Please Help Narrow Down these Combos! :)

    I just adore Ainsely Reese!

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    Re: Please Help Narrow Down these Combos! :)

    1. Philippa Maeve (nn Pippa) - Pretty, it sounds nice with your other girl's name.
    2. Stella Cerys - it would flow well with your other daughter's name, I like it.
    3. Maeve Phillipa - not loving it. I'm not sure how to pronounce FN, so that may provide some probeloms.
    4. Ainsley Reese - Ainsely is too close to 'anus' for me. Reese is pretty though!
    5. Cerys Ainsley - Nice, but again on Ainsely.
    6. Maeve Ansley - Nope, see above.
    7. Ainsley Maeve - I couldn't bare to live with this name. Sorry.
    8. Cerys Maeve - This is pretty! But Cerys Sh______? Not sure it would work.
    9. Maeve Cerys - Not liking it.
    10. Philippa Cerys - Nice! I like the flow.
    11. Philippa Reese - LOVE Reese, good combo!
    12. Stella Maeve - One if my fav's on this list. Nice flow, too.
    13. Stella Reese - Cute, but maybe a little TOO cute.

    Overall, I would choose:
    Stella Maeve
    Phillippa Reese
    Phillippa Maeve
    Stella Cerys

    Good List, and congrats!!!
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