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    Re: Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    Hmmm.... In my opinion 5 L's in one name? That may be a bit much. I would use a slightly more 'solid' MN such as Beatrice or Daphne, with no Ls to ballance out Tullulah. Tullulah is a gorgeous name, one that I almost choose for my daughter. (It was definitly in the top 10) The name is beautiful, but you may want to save Belle for another kid.

    Here are some suggestions:
    Tullulah Kate
    Tullulah Marie
    Tullulah Ember
    Tullulah Odette
    Tullulah Raye

    You could try using a filler MN such as Raye or Marie, just to tone down the sing-songy qualities of Tullulah, or try Something more...whimsical such as Ember or Odette if it pleases you. Congratulations, and I know you'll pick a fabulous name!
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