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    Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    So...I'm rapidly falling in love with the name Tallulah. I have just recently heard it and I love how it rolls off the tongue. I also love all the nickname possibilities!

    I also love the middle name Belle. HOWEVER...Tallulah Belle almost sounds like a character name...not a name for a child. But I can't help but love to say it over and over again!

    My husband thinks I'm crazy and whenever I talk about it...he says "Tah-loo-lah Be-yale" in an obnoxious Texas accent. But I can tell he is warming up to Tallulah anyway.

    Are both names crazy? Should I just stick to Tallulah and a less "cutesy" middle name?

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    Re: Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    Tallulah Belle is the name of one of Bruce Willis' daughters. I think its too much personally. I like Tallulah, but because its rather sing-songy and bouncy, I think a more buttoned up middle name keeps it from being too cutesy. Something like Tallulah Jane or Tallulah Frances...

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    Re: Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    Tallulah Jane sounds really grounded to me. Tallulah Belle is cute but I wouldn't personally use it if it's the same whole name as Bruce Willis's daughter.

    I think you could go with any classic sounding name if you are wanting that...
    Tallulah Isabelle (You could still call her Tallulah Belle if you wanted to.)
    Tallulah Claire
    Tallulah Faith
    Tallulah Elizabeth
    Children are all perfectly and wonderfully made

    Names we would consider

    Elisabetta, Magdalena, Caralana, Elisende/a, Valencia, Snow

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    Re: Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    I think Belle is too much. Another middle would make a very cute name.

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    Re: Is "Tallulah Belle" too, too much?

    its princessy! if there's no other middle name that would make you as happy than i think its fine.
    on a classroom list or something i would not even notice this name as being strange as tallulah and belle are both popular. so i say go for it if YOU definitely want it (your husband might be like mine and forget why he didnt like certain names before... so irritating since i compromised)
    i am sure your daughter would be happy with such a pretty name.

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