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    You are a single 26 year old Singer named Jayde, living in a condo in Charlotte. You have recently gotten a new neighbor: an old high school friend, Nicole,whom you haven't seen since you were sixteen when her family moved away to another state. With her, she has her six-year-old daughter.

    If you like the new Disney princess Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog"...the little girl's first & middle names come from

    What is your friend's daughter's name? Arabella Scarlett

    Shortly after your friend moves into the condo next to yours, your older sister, Marissa, gets divorced and her husband takes off with all her money, leaving her and their five-year-old twin girls without anything. You have an extra bedroom in your condo, and you invite them to move in with you.

    If you like Melody from "The Little Mermaid II"...the twins' first names are from, their middle names from

    What are the twins' names? Alana Misty & Miranda Jordan

    A year goes by. You, your friend and your sister have gotten friendly, but you find yourself taking care of the three girls more than their mothers are. Your sister is working two jobs and is starting to party very heavily. Your friend gets fired from almost every job she's gotten and she spends too much time with her constantly changing boyfriends. Then, one Saturday night, your friend and sister go out for drinks while you stay at home with the girls. At five thirty in the morning, there's a knock on your door: it's the police. Your friend and sister were killed in a drunk driving accident.

    After the funerals, you become the guardian of your nieces, Miranda and Alana, and the foster mother to Arabella. The condo is cramped with all three of you living there and the girls' deserve a normal life after everything that's happened to them. So, you move out of the city and into a two-story, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in Concord.

    Another year passes. The twins are now seven and your foster daughter is eight. All are in school and doing well both socially and academically. Your foster daughter comes home from school one day very excited. There's a new boy in her class and, three years ago, he was her foster brother when she'd spent 18 months in the system before being returned to her mom. His grandma was her foster mother then and she had grown close to the boy in her short time there. She tells you he was recently adopted by his parents' best friend and they live a block away.

    If you like Prince Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog"...the boy's first name is from, middle name is from

    What is the boy's name? Brady Richard

    In January, you and the girls are invited to attend his tenth birthday party. You finally get the chance to meet the boy and his family. His guardian is a single 30 year old Artist named Carlos. His foster brothers are seven and four years old.

    If you don't like any of these characters...the boys' first names are from, their middle names are from

    At the party, you get acquainted with the boys' guardian. Months go by, and the two of you start seeing more of each other with the kids coming over to your respective houses. When summer vacation starts, you invite him and the boys to a cookout at your house with you and the girls. That night, while the kids are playing, the two of you are talking. Adam tells you that his foster son was the son of his best friend, David, who was killed in a car accident along with his wife, Alicia. The boy, who was only two years old at the time, went to go live with his grandma, who was also a licensed foster mother, until she had a stroke and could no longer care for him or the other children. So, Adam, took him in. Then, six months later, he opens the front door to find his two nephews Adrian Carter and Nicholas Anderson, with their overnight bags on his doorstep. Adam's punk brother, Rowan, took off without them and no one has any idea where he is. Your story is similar and you tell about you and your girls. The two of you become friends and, eventually, you start dating.

    How many months/years do you & DH date for? 8 months

    How does DH propose & what kind of wedding do you have?

    If your favorite Disney couple is Ariel & Eric...DH proposes to you while you and him are vacationing with the kids on a cruise and you have a beach wedding.
    Your wedding dress looks like this:
    Your engagement ring looks like this:

    When you and DH return from your honeymoon in Hawaii, you, him, and the kids move into your new house inSilver Spring, which is a three-story Victorian house big enough to fit your six children. Before long, you and him start having your own biological children.

    If you like the modern Disney Channel have five sons and five daughters. Their first & middle names come from

    What are your biological kids' names?

    (G) Blythe Daphne
    (B) Collin Spencer
    (G) Claire Madison
    (B) Donavan Nathaniel
    (G) Eliza Mae
    (B) Gavin Philip
    (G) Eloise Nerissa
    (B) Jack Oliver
    (G) Grace Emmeline
    (B) Levi Quinten

    How many years between each child? 2-4 years

    List the names of everyone in your family here:

    DW: Jayde Evangeline Brown Baker
    DH: Adam Joshua Baker

    Adopted Children:
    Arabella Scarlett (Bella)
    Alana Misty
    Miranda Jordan (Andy)
    Brady Richard
    Adrian Carter
    Nicholas Anderson (Nic)

    Biological Children:
    Blythe Daphne
    Claire Madison
    Eliza Mae
    Eloise Nerissa
    Grace Emmeline (Gracie)
    Collin Spencer
    Donavan Nathaniel (Don)
    Gavin Philip
    Jack Oliver
    Levi Quinten
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