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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Ivy -- I've always thought this name a bit affected.
    Phoebe -- Cute and quirky!
    Clementine (Clem) -- I haven't gotten past Oh my darlin'
    Oona -- I wish I knew one in real life, because I think I could like this.
    Beatrice (Bea) -- Love love love! One of my favorites.
    Esmerelda (Esme) -- Not my style at all.
    Cordelia (Cora) -- Love love love! Cora is adorable.
    Daphne -- So cute! One of my very first name crushes ever.
    Araminta (Ara)(are-uh) -- Seems long and overly frilly.
    Lotus -- Not attractive to me.

    1. Daphne! 2. Cordelia/Cora!! 3. Beatrice!! 4. Phoebe

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    From your list, I would choose:

    1. Beatrice
    2. Cordelia (LOVE nn Cora...or Cora as a full name)
    3. Phoebe
    4. Clementine (I would use as a mn? Or plan to NOT shorten it. I don't care for any of the nn options.)

    I really dislike

    1. Lotus (doesn't sound pretty to me at all)
    2. Esmerelda (but I do like Esme)

    The others just aren't my style. I WANT to like dh loves it...but I just can't get over the "daffy" sound.

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Ivy - I love the name Ivy, although this will open her up to nicknames such as Poison Ivy. I teach second grade so I try to steer clear of names with easy negative nicknames.

    Phoebe - It's used too much on TV.

    Clementine - Cute but also an orange.

    Oona - Sounds like a Polish grandmother.

    Beatrice - I like this name. Beatrix is a more unique spelling without being a ridiculous spelling.

    Esme - Esmeralda is too much. I like Esme but fear it will grow too popular due to the Twilight books/movies.

    Daphne - Cute, not overused.

    Cordelia - Too little house on the prairie. I LOVE Cora though!

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Oona is my favorite. It is so cute there is a preschool show on nickelodeon called bubble guppies that has a character named Oona. The first time I heard it I loved it. My second favorite is Ivy.

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    sorr, please dont go with lotus. its too closely associated to buddhism (nothing wrong with buddhism but dont put that on a kid- is she becomes a buddhist she can actually choose her own buddhist name with her sect)
    it also makes me think of an asian massage parlor

    anyways pheobe is a favorite of mine too. before "friends" there were plenty of pheobes in the young adult novels i read growing up... its a classic and cute american name
    beatrice and daphne are also nice

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