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    Top 10, and can't choose!

    Hey berries, I've been on this site for quite a while but this is my first time posting. I found out last week the sex of my baby, and It's a girl!
    I've been a name nerd long before pregnacy, so I already have a (long) list. (This is my first, by the way)
    Having a similar problem as many of you other fellow berries, is I love too MANY names! I've shortened my list and these are the runner ups:

    Clementine (Clem)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Esmerelda (Esme)
    Cordelia (Cora)
    Araminta (Ara)(are-uh)

    As far as name combinations, I don't need suggestions at this time, I have certian names and family names (depending on what first name I choose) that will be used for middle(s).

    So tell me what you think? Favorites?

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Ivy - very cute and usable as a fn
    Phoebe - same as Ivy
    Clementine (Clem) - I don't understand the appeal... and clem sounds like phlem
    Oona - okay, seems a little "old lady," but possibly "old lady chic"
    Beatrice (Bea) - One of my favorite names ever!!
    Esmerelda (Esme) - Esmeralda looks better to me, but I also love this name (SO would never go for it though)
    Cordelia (Cora) - reminds me of the popular girl from Buffy, but it's definitely usable
    Daphne - still seems a bit scooby-doo to me, but probably still usable
    Araminta (Ara)(are-uh) - Ara doesn't seem very pretty to me, and she will probably be called minty
    Lotus - I don't have any particular feelings on this name

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Ivy - love it
    Phoebe - not for me
    Clementine (Clem) - cute
    Oona - no
    Beatrice (Bea) - to old ladyish
    Esmerelda (Esme) - no - too Halloweeny for me?
    Daphne - ok
    Araminta (Ara)(are-uh) - no
    Lotus - better hope she's not fast like the car
    Cordelia - like Coraline or Caroline better. I went to school with a girl named Cornelia. When she got into high school she changed her name to Muffin. No joke. To close an association for me.

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    Ivy is a very cool choice distinctive without being odd although she might be prone to a lot of poison ivy jokes but the name is lovely enough and one that works well for a child and an adult.
    Phoebe-Never been a fan of this the nn Feebs is dreadful.
    Clementine (Clem)-Nice and old-fashioned, only like the whole name, the nn Clem sounds like a sidekick in an old western.
    Oona-A little odd but interesting.
    Beatrice (Bea)-A respectable name but fussy and still feels old.
    Esmerelda (Esme)-Love the name but if you plan on calling her Esme why not just name her that? It's a good and rather uncommon name on it's own.
    Cordelia (Cora)Like Cora much more than Cordelia, not a terrible name but again if you plan on calling her a different name entirely I would just go with that as her given name.
    Daphne-Pretty but are you okay with the nn Daf or worse Daffy.
    Araminta (Ara)(are-uh)Can't quite put my finger on why, it has a certain charm, but not a big fan of this.
    Lotus-Unique but not in a good way, this would be a heavy name for a little girl to carry with probably a lot of teasing.

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    Re: Top 10, and can't choose!

    I like Ivy, Phoebe, Beatrice, Cordelia and Daphne.
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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