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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    My name is Edith but I've gone by Edie my whole life. When I was younger I didn't really like my name because I was the only Edith/Edie my age (I still have yet to meet another twenty-something with this name!). However, a few years ago I started to really like my name and "own" it so to speak. So if you do use this name for your daughter I believe it will eventually grow on her, even if she doesn't always like it. Good luck!
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    STRONGLY dislike Edith. As pp said, I am glad it is not my name. Edith Bunker anyone? There is a fine line in giving your child a name that stands out and one that is scoffed at. Why cross that line?

    Frances and Ramona are ok, but I would never use them. I love Rollo's suggestion of Francesca or Eloise. Gorgeous!

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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    Hello and congrats on your upcoming baby!
    Bless your heart for considering your child and how she may feel about her name, I think many folks so want to be cool and different that they forget that a human being actually has to live with the name.

    This is what i do when considering a name... would i want to be called that name? Is it a name I would like? Is it pretty? Is it attractive and pleasing to the ear?

    I also consider our current naming climate, so as we are aware feminine, pretty and classic names are in vogue right now...Isabella, Olivia, Sophia are currently popular.

    Frances is a substantial, vintagy and classy name, but kind of plain in comparison to names above IMO.
    Ramona again very vintagy, not too pleasing to the ear ( I hear Mona or Moaning)
    Edith I really don't like ,very Edith Bunker old fashioned, not at all pretty IMO

    Frances would be my fave of the 3 but i would pair it with a very pretty middle name.

    At the end of the day, she is your daughter to name, I wish you good luck!

    May I suggest some pretty, vintagy classics for your consideration?

    How about:
    Ophelia ( I used to hate this name until I met the cutest, smartest, 4 year old Ophelia!)
    Evan Robert Stephen and Elizabeth Victoria Christianna

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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    I love the names Frances and Edith.

    I think it's so adorable when little girls have boyish nicknames so I would probably nickname her Frankie. In fact, I just read a Young Adult novel where the title character is Frankie (short for Frances of course). She was so quirky and spirited, I just fell in love with the nickname.

    I love Edith. It reminds me of Edith Wharton. Edie really is an adorable nickname.

    I like the name Ramona, but it still reminds me of a mischievous little girl because of the Ramona Quimby books. I'd love to meet someone my age named Ramona to change that image in my head though.

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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?


    Of the three I like Frances best-Simple, classy and dignified. I would stick with the formal full name and avoid any of the Fran, Frankie etc nicknames. It also seems the one that would date the least.
    Edith is a fine name and I think it's been long enough for the Edith Bunker association to have faded but it is still rather fusty and old feeling rather than vintage.
    Ramona is okay and the nickname Romy is great but of the three it has the least appeal.

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