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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    do like them, might I suggest Ramana "Mana" as an alternative to Ramona
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    The only name I like is Ramona. It feels young and fun, with the cute nicknames Remy, and Mona, if you wanted to use them.

    Frances-To be it feels dated, and old lady-ish. It's vintage, but not ready to make a comeback, in my opinion. Francie might be cute, but I really hate Fran and Frannie. I know that for myself, I'm so glad this is not my name, and I wouldn't give it to a little girl either.

    Edith-I don't feel as strongly about Edith as I do about Frances, but I still don't like it, especially if you'll only be calling her Edith, and not using a nickname. I don't think it's close enough to Ada/Evie/Ava/Eva to be comparable, and it also feel like an old lady name to me.

    I know that's kind of harsh. Sorry. If it was me, the only name I'd consider using for my daughter would be Ramona. The only people I know of named Edith and Frances (Fran) are between 50-60 years old, so maybe that's why I'm having such a problem with those names for a little girl.

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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    I'm also anti Frances. Even though it's almost time for this name to come back around I still hear Fran as an unattractive name. For some reason it's not as elegant and I don't see a lady aging gracefully. I see one of those supermarket pests who is always complaining about double coupons and how her groceries are packed.
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    I don't like any at all,

    Don't like Frances at all, although Francesca is lovely but the nn's are problematic who wants a Frankie for a daughter?

    I don't like the moan in Ramona

    I think Edith is too old fashioned why not Eloise, Elodie, Elise, Ellen, Eleanor?

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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    I looked up my mother's name which is Maxine in the Nameberry database.

    It says "Playing mah-jongg down at the clubhouse with Bernice and Thelma. "

    I think Bernice, Thelma and Maxine are playing with Edith, Frances and Ramona.

    Sorry , they just sound old ladyish to me. Of course you do have the book series "Ramona the Brave".

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