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    Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    My husband and I are very happily expecting our first child. A daughter to be born in November. We have a list of names started, but we are concerned about some because we think there is a greater likelihood she might end up disliking her name. It's one thing for us to write a list of our faves and it's another for a girl/woman to live with it. What do you think about these names? Does anyone know someone with one of these names and know how she feels about it?


    Edith might be my current favorite. I am not as concerned as my husband about this one since there are similarities to other names currently popular (Ada/Eva/Evie). We would call her Edith rather than the nn Edie.

    We don't have many other names on our list since we have a very tricky ln.


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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    I love both Edith and Frances! I think a young girl would like either (I know a 10 year old Frances and she loves her name). And even if you don't use Edie or Francie, she has the option if she wants a nn. I like Ramona, but I wouldn't use it myself. For some reason it sounds a bit harsh to me, and I don't love the nn Mona (not that you would use it, but others might).
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    Truly, I think it will depend on her personality. I love every name! In order,

    1. Ramona
    2. Frances
    3. Edith

    Ramona Frances is gorgeous. I hope that helps!
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    Congrats on your first pregnancy! I love Edith and Frances and like Ramona. I think the name you choose depends on which one best reflects the "style" which is most appealing to you. You should also consider the names of future children when choosing your first child's name. I think any of your three choices would be names that any girl could like. My faves in order of preference are:

    1 Edith - strong, vintage, antique charm
    2 Frances - solid, dependable and no-nonsense
    3 Ramona - modern, spunky and playful

    I love vintage names so Edith is right up my alley! The name makes me think of author Edith Wharton. I also like names that are solid and classy but still pack a punch like Frances. Ramona would be my third choice as its usage is not as established as Edith and Frances. All the best, Mischa.
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    Re: Edith, Frances, Ramona: will she like her name?

    Congratulations! I adore Ramona and Edith, and I like Frances. I personally would love to be named either of these names, although I do sometimes feel that I like the nickname Edie better than Edith. Also, I can imagine almost anyone named Edith, apart from a teen. I really can picture a little girl who previously loved her name, really disliking it through her teen years... however, with so many Adas, Emmas and Rubys an Edith would probably go unnoticed in her generation, I suppose.

    Ramona is gorgeous and incredibly fun, and I instantly think of the British born actress Ramona Marquez ( I'm not really keen on any of the nicknames, which puts me off because I'm the kind of person who instantly shortens just about everything without even noticing :lol: Nona is alright. I really would love to be called Ramona, though.

    Frances is alright. I don't know why, but I just don't love it like others that are a similar style. It's vintage and perfectly respectable. It's cute on a little girl and sounds sensible yet quirky on a woman. However, I personally don't find it very attractive. I much prefer Fran or Franny alone, or even Francesca. I've known a two Francess; one was a very snobby little girl, the other was a girl who bullied me at school - so maybe it's just down to bad experience? I don't know.

    Good luck on choosing something fabulous, by the way, as I'm sure you will!

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