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    Common teen names now, straight from the source

    Mined from my teen nephew's 300 person FB friend list. I was so surprised at how many of these names showed up multiple times; I had no idea some of them were still going strong and that others were as popular 15 years ago as they are today! Thought I'd post this in case anyone else thought these names were either dying out or recently trendy.

    These names were popular mid-90s:

    Allison/Alison (3) - This name just won't quit
    Brandon/Brendan (4) - So 80s to me
    Brent/Brett (3)
    Brooke/Brooklin (3)
    Cassidy (4) - whoa!
    Cloe/Chloe (3)
    Cody (3)
    Dylan (4) - good name that has been hot for decades now
    Emily/Emma (6) - no surprise here
    Hailey/Haley/Haileigh/Haylee/Hayley (5) - all with different spellings!!!
    Hannah (4) - all with the same spelling!
    Jacob/Jake (4) - no surprise
    Jennifer (3) - still?
    Jessie/Jesse/Jessica (3) - this one too?
    Micaela/Mikayla/Mikaela/Mykayla (5) - I had no idea!
    Paige (3)
    Tyler/Tyson (4)

    Interesting, no?
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    Re: Common teen names now straight from the source

    I'm 16 and I know people with every single one of those names. A few of the five or so Haleys I know have told me that they were named that because of Halley's Comet in '94 when they were born. It's not even pronounced the same way. . .

    I also know a ton of Kaitlyn/Caitlyns/Katies who are my age, and the same goes for Lily and Sarah.
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    Re: Common teen names now straight from the source

    Why can people not decide on one simple way to spell Haley? Five different spellings is just insane.

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    Re: Common teen names now straight from the source

    Geography and demographics influence names. Also, people who have great taste in so many other things in their life will surprise me with baby names they pick. Does he have multiple Brittanys on his list (i think it was most popular in the late 80's). It is funny to hear a teen mention their friend Stephanie or Kim. I had to ask if Kim was a mom or a schoolmate to my 17 year old niece a couple of years ago. Too funny you look at his name list. Something I would (have) done. I have so many Amys and Jennifers on my fb list.
    My niece also has about 300 fb friends:
    Anthony- 4 (We have a lot of Italians in our area)
    Cassi/Cassie-3 (wow surprised by this too)
    Lauren- 4

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    Re: Common teen names now straight from the source

    I teach in Florida, and the two most common names on my high school students for girls are Jessica (all ethnicities and races) and Kiera, Keira, Keiairra and I can't even begin to give you all the spelling variations.

    For guys, Caucasian guys -- Alexander wins. For African American guys, it's Dejon, Dajuan, Dajaun, Deijon, D'jauyn, Dyjaun, etc, with as many spelling variations as there are kids.

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