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    Common teen names now, straight from the source

    Mined from my teen nephew's 300 person FB friend list. I was so surprised at how many of these names showed up multiple times; I had no idea some of them were still going strong and that others were as popular 15 years ago as they are today! Thought I'd post this in case anyone else thought these names were either dying out or recently trendy.

    These names were popular mid-90s:

    Allison/Alison (3) - This name just won't quit
    Brandon/Brendan (4) - So 80s to me
    Brent/Brett (3)
    Brooke/Brooklin (3)
    Cassidy (4) - whoa!
    Cloe/Chloe (3)
    Cody (3)
    Dylan (4) - good name that has been hot for decades now
    Emily/Emma (6) - no surprise here
    Hailey/Haley/Haileigh/Haylee/Hayley (5) - all with different spellings!!!
    Hannah (4) - all with the same spelling!
    Jacob/Jake (4) - no surprise
    Jennifer (3) - still?
    Jessie/Jesse/Jessica (3) - this one too?
    Micaela/Mikayla/Mikaela/Mykayla (5) - I had no idea!
    Paige (3)
    Tyler/Tyson (4)

    Interesting, no?
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