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    Your name is Aurora Sophie Hertford (Rora)and you're a smart, sexy, successful 25 year old working as a lawyer in London. Through your job, you meet a handsome, sophisticated 35 year old man who is a physicist. His name is Eliot Benjamin Chapman (Eli). You start dating him a month after you meet him.

    Six months into your relationship, Eli drops a bombshell: he's married! He says he knows what he did was wrong, and he admits that he and his wife Mirabelle Celia Chapman (Belle) have been having problems, especially since they were married before and divorced once already, but he couldn't resist when he met you. You're furious. You're nobody's side dish! You dump him right on the spot.

    A week later, Eli, comes crawling back to you. He says he's decided to finally call it quits with his wife because he feels that his relationship with you has more meaning. You give him a second chance. He goes through hoops to make it up to you. Only his wife isn't going to let up without a fight. She harasses him, trashes his car, and even stalks you, and verbally threatens you outside your apartment. But at this point, you don't care. You're helplessly and hopelessly in love with Eli.

    A month and a half later, you start feeling sick, weak, and tired. You brush it off as stress. But then you notice you've missed your period twice. You take a pregnancy comes back positive. You're overjoyed. Your boyfriend has always wanted kids but his wife didn't want any. You call him on his cell phone but it goes to voicemail. You figure he's busy working so you go to his office to tell him the good news face to face.

    When you arrive at his office, you see the door is slightly ajar. Curious, you peek inside...and see Eli and Belle passionately kissing, and looking like they're not going to stop any time soon.

    What do you do? You decide!
    B: You turn around and quietly leave. When you're alone in your apartment, you lock yourself inside and give into crying. Your cell phone rings: it's him. You don't answer it and you don't tell him you're pregnant.

    Either way, you don't tell Eli that you're pregnant with his baby, especially if he's going to stay with that psycho. So, you pack your bags and move into a small house in your hometown of BerkhamstedBerkhamstedv, close to where your parents live. Eight months later, you have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. You never contact your daughter's father. As far as your concerned, he's nothing but a sperm donor. You decide to raise your daughter by yourself.

    If your favorite color is red, orange, or yellow...your daughter's first name comes from and her middle name comes from

    What is your daughter's name? Alessandria Clementine Hertford (Alessa)

    Since you've moved back home, you've reconnected with some old friends, one of them being a high school boyfriend Orson Lysander Arkwright . He really cares about you and dots on your baby girl as if she were his own. You rekindle your romance and six months later, you're engaged to him.

    When your daughter is three years old, you and Orson are now happily married and you are three months pregnant. You all go out for a day in the city and stop at an ice cream parlor. While your husband is up paying for the ice cream, you and your daughter, Alessa, are sharing a sundae. Casually, you look up...and see her biological father, Eli, standing a few feet away, looking at you.

    What happens now? You decide!
    A: He walks over to your table and the two of you exchange pleasantries, all the while his eyes keep drifting over to your daughter. Finally, he starts talking to her and his eyes are glued to her face as she's talking. Then, your husband comes over and you introduce them, saying that Eli is an old co-worker. Your husband, who has no clue who the other man really is, invites your ex to join you. Your ex accepts the invitation, and he sits talking to you and your husband, but also engages your daughter, whom he smiles a lot at. Then, like an apparition, his wife calls him over. He excuses himself and says goodbye, but not without one last longing, hopeful look at your daughter that burns your insides.

    On your way back to your hotel from the ice cream parlor, your family's car is side-swiped in a hit-and-run. Your daughter is unharmed, but your husband dies on the way to the hospital and the crash causes you to have a miscarriage. While you're in the hospital, Eli comes to visit, saying he heard about the accident and is terribly sorry. He brings you roses and your daughter a big teddy bear. The two of you stay up all night talking and he asks you the dreaded question: Is Alessa his daughter? You say yes, she is, and confess that you didn't tell him three years ago because you saw him with his wife and were angry at him. He understands, but says he wants to be in his daughter's life. You are reluctant, but he swears he's sincere. You tell him you'll think about it. A few days later, you agree to let him have visitation with Alessa.

    You and your daughter move back home, but you sell the house you were living in with DH and move in with your parents. Your daughter's father, Eli, calls every day to talk to her and asks how she's doing, and he visits every weekend. When she turns four, he throws her a big birthday party, introducing her to his side of the family and giving her all the presents she wants. She starts calling him "Daddy" and he's thrilled to the point of almost crying. By now, you're regretting to have ever separated them. There's only one problem: he won't leave his wife Belle.

    Six months later, Eli now has joint custody of your daughter with you. After one weekend of visitation, you drive to his house to pick her up. His wife is away for the week. But then, a heavy rainstorm hits and it's too dangerous for you to drive back. He lets you spend the night. After putting your daughter to bed, he makes coffee for the two of you and you sit in the living room, and suddenly start reminiscing on your past romance....

    The next morning, you wake up next to Eli in his bedroom and you're ashamed of yourself. He tries to get you to talk about it but you refuse and leave with your daughter before breakfast. Two weeks later, you find out you're pregnant.
    Eli's house. When he opens the door, you slap him across the face and yell out "I'M PREGNANT AGAIN!" This time you're not going to be "the other woman". You let him know that and give him an ultimatum: leave his unhappy marriage to a mentally unstable and jealous woman or he'll never see his children again. The next day he calls you...from his divorce lawyer's office.

    Within three weeks, the divorce is finalized. Eli comes to your house and, on one knee, proposes to you in front of your daughter in the living room. You make plans to marry after the baby is born.

    A month after your daughter's fifth birthday, you have another baby girl. Both the new baby and your first daughter are given their father's last name.

    If your favorite gemstone is a diamond or pearl...your second daughter's first name comes from and her middle name comes from

    What is your second daughter's name? Anastasia Marguerite Chapman (Tasia)

    You and Eli are married in a pretty wedding in the country and you buy a big house in the suburbs of York to raise your daughters.

    When your first daughter is 8 and your second daughter is 3, you and DH try for your last child, with your husband hoping for a boy. Instead, you have twin girls. Your husband is a little disappointed, but you know he loves being surrounded by you and your daughters.

    If you like the song "ET" by Katy Perry...your twin daughters' first names come from and their middle names come from

    What are your twin daughters' names? Giovanna Florence (Bella) and Evangeline Josephine (Eva)

    You and your husband live happily ever after with your four beautiful daughters!
    Pilar, 20, med student.

    Amparo, Libertad, Carmela, Leonor, Sonsoles, Aurora, Frida
    Octavio, Salvador, Vicente, Sebastián, Simón, Tomás, Clemente

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