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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    Sweet mother of mercy! :shock:
    Mother of Gideon Bernard (4/30/09) and Sylvie Louise (9/26/11).

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    By far the worst name I have ever heard Female (fuh-ma-lei).

    This woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl in a Florida hospital. She didn't know what to name her just yet so the nurses took the baby to the nursery for a while to allow the mom to get some sleep after labor. When they brought the baby back, they wheeled her in in one of those hospital bassinets that have the the label on the front with the mom's last name and 'male' or 'female'. Well...since it said female...the woman actually thought the hospital had went ahead and named her baby! And she was okay with it, so now her daughter's name is Female.

    True story.

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    In IKEA once, I overheard a mother talking to her little baby... her daughter was named Jeremy... If I had any hopes that the baby was just a boy dressed in pink ruffles, all was lost when the mother referred to the child as "she".

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    I've met a John Hooker and a Candy Kane. I also worked in a NYC elementary school with a large Dominican immigrant population...many kids had the usual Spanish names Juan, Jose, Marisol, Julia, Luisa...but then there was a Usmail (pronounced you-SMILE), which came from "U.S. mail" and Usnavy (pronounced yous-NAH-vee), which came from "U.S. navy". The Dominican teachers explained to me that those two names caught on in the DR in the 1950s, when the phrases were printed on various items (food packages, clothing, trucks, etc.) donated to the country by the US military. I guess the current generation of kids named Usnavy and Usmail are named after older relations...I hope. Here's an article I found which features a Usnavy:’s-next/

    On a further note, there were some other notable names in the classes which I found a bit shocking-- Aranyeli (pronounced "ah-ran-GEL-ee"), who told me that yes indeed, she was named after "orange jelly". She was nicknamed Yeli (pronounced "jelly").

    One more name: I hesitate to add this because I did not meet him firsthand. But several teachers told me that there was a recent student, since moved on to middle school, whose name surely took the prize for cruelest. His name was Sexonthebeach (all one word). His mother had given birth to him in the DR before she learned English.

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    Re: Worst/cruel name you ever heard

    Let's not fall into the trap of urban legends here. It can be tricky because some people genuinely have heard these stories from a friend, but even basically honest people get bored sometimes, and I think we should remember the vaguely racist undertones of some of these stories. (

    @anniebee: If freakonomics has it right, I wonder if Loser felt he had to make something of his life to prove himself wrong and Winner grew up feeling a bit over-entitled.

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